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Authored by: Special Agent Susan Fields

9th February 2019

Almost two years after the events of Operation Shale Oil in Helena, Montana, most of the team are called upon again to investigate some events in Charleston, West Virginia. The team consists of the FBI Special Agents Susan Fields and Nick Daniels, as well as the CIA operative Lilia Fox.

We were asked to report to Supervisory Special Agent Marcus Neil in Charleston. There, we are shown some incomplete footage from a police bodycam, which shows cops performing a stop and search of a bearded white biker. The suspect is seen to get violent, and is shot by both tasers and handguns, but still manages to drag one of the police officers to the ground and began to savage him. Unfortunately, the footage is cut off at that point.

This footage had been leaked to the internet, by unknown persons. It belonged to an Oak Hill police officer, Officer XXXX XXXXX who is now on desk duty pending investigation. The injured man, Officer XXXXX XXXXXXX was taken to hospital where he is in a coma.

The suspect was identified as Darryl ‘The Snake’ Oberman, who is a mechanic and an associate of the Mad Dogz outlaw biker gang, which has been associated with murder, extortion, rape and bank robbery.

On arrival at the Oak Hill police department we meet with our friendly contact the local police chief XXXXXXX X XXXXXXX.

We have a conversation with the police officer in question, who has been put on investigation and is unwilling to talk to us about the events. However I am able to persuade him to give us access to the full bodycam footage.

The footage shows the attacker continuing to savage Officer XXXXX XXXXXXX whilst he was on the ground, despite having been shot several times by Officer XXXX XXXXX, who then proceeded to unload twelve rounds from his shotgun into him at point blank range, blowing off his head and causing substantial damage to the rest of the attacker’s body.

This is somewhat unusual, and shows a resistance to pain and wounds beyond what could be expected from PCP or similar drugs.

The body of Darryl Oberman was being held at the local morgue, so we go down to take a look at it. There is not much left, but Agent Daniels tries to perform an autopsy.

Though the corpse was very much dead and beginning to show signs of decay, the remains still seemed to be active, and parts of them were moving. Agent Daniels took a sample and sealed it up for further investigation. There is not enough information at this stage to be able to determine the nature of the remains, or what allowed Darryl Oberman to continue fighting despite massive damage to his head and torso.

Samuel Penn