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Authored by: Special Agent Susan Fields

Reading carefully through the coroner’s report for Darryl Oberman, the coroner seems to have taken great pains to not mention anything unusual, which makes our cover up operation that much simpler.

Amongst the details listed, the coroner found evidence of extreme blunt force trauma to the head, which had caused massive bleeding into the brain. This would have been sufficient to be fatal, except the video footage showed no evidence of any physical strikes to Darryl Oberman during the fight, ‘just’ gunshots.

However, the report does mention that samples of the body were sent to the medical department at West Virginia University for further analysis and testing. We put in a request for our old colleague Dr Marius Grey to head there, investigate, and prevent any civilians finding out anything too dangerous.

A careful re-checking of the video footage didn’t show obvious signs of head injuries on Oberman before the altercation, but did highlight that he didn’t say anything before the fight started, and that he also showed no signs of blinking. There is a good possibility that he was already suffering from brain injury at this point.

Checking his phone, it is locked, but does have a convenient sticky note on it which reads “The PIN is 12345”. Unfortunately though, the phone doesn’t have Timeline or other location recording features switched on, so we can’t easily account for his whereabouts over the previous days.

There are some messages going back about three weeks, including some from a contact named “Big Lou” who was expecting him to be at work about 9 days ago, and another from “Ron” inquiring into whether he had reset his phone. Given this was the first message three weeks ago, the assumption that the phone had been reset.

The search history on the phone suggested interests in pron, mongols (probably the biker gang, though Oberman may have accidentally learned some history along the way) and warlocks (again, ultimately, a local biker gang).

There were a number of photos of hairy men and scantily clad women on bikes, but also a photo of a woman in a mask and protective goggles, probably standing in a shipping container. The geotag information on it places it at a local trailer park.

We headed to “Stan’s Auto Repair and Car Wash”, which was the contact address for Big Lou, who was able to confirm that he last saw Oberman about 10 or 11 days ago, and he has no idea where he has been between then and the time of his death. He may have been down the Dog Yard (a location we match to the trailer park), and there was a girl there that he was seeing.

Whilst myself and Agent Fox were questioning Lou, Agent Daniels spoke to some of the other staff, and discovered that there have been some conflict between the Mad Dogz and the Warlocks gangs. The Warlocks were involved in the death of a friend of Oberman, and he may have been looking for payback. They also mention that a lot of the paints for the cars have recently been mixed by one Iris Dalton, who seems to be an expert at it and is a cousin of Lou.

Later, we were able to ascertain that Ms Dalton is currently doing a doctorate in chemistry at West Virginia University. However, she is currently on academic furlough due to an incident with a cat she brought into the lab, which proceeded to cause havoc. It was captured, euthanized and cremated, and examination showed it to be high on certain chemicals which we noted matched the same chemicals in Oberman’s body.

Before heading down to the Dog Yard, we initiated the process of setting up a Green Box for both our use and that of future teams. At the very least, we needed a safe place to store the samples. A local storage facility just outside of town was able to rent us a powered storage unit so that we could place a freezer in there.

Investigation of the Dogz Yard shows that it is as much a junk yard as a trailer park, and is surrounded by a partial broken chain link fence. Amongst the trailers and old cars are some shipping containers, though on entering we were met by a red eyed gentleman with a large beard and a shotgun, who demanded that we left the private property.

He did seem to be high on drugs, and didn’t provide much information of note.

Returning to the car wash, we enquire further about Ms Dalton, but he doesn’t know where she is at the moment. Further discussion brings up information that Oberman had been involved in a fight at a bar with the Warlocks just before he went missing, and took a heavy blow to the head. He believes that Ms Dalton is incredibly gifted (which is backed up by her grades, at least until the cat incident), and may be working with the Dogz to help pay off student loans. She’s pretty much running the show there now, putting her chemistry knowledge to practical and financial use. However, Lou seemed to be frightened by what she is doing.

Further information is received from Dr Grey on the tissue samples. Apparently whatever it is can survive extreme freezing, and also boiling temperatures, though much higher temperatures will destroy it. Aesthetics will also render it non-motile.

It would seem that our next plans are to find out further information about the Warlocks, and possibly investigate the Dog Yard further.

Samuel Penn