The Expanse Season 3: Fight or Flight

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The Expanse Season 3: Fight or Flight

We were halfway through watching season 2 of the X-Files when season 3 of The Expanse was finally released, so it’s taken us a few weeks to get to the point where we can finally start watching this. This is not a review, and there’s not really much in the way of spoilers, I just wanted to say something after so long (over on G+) of complaining that it hadn’t reached UK digital shores yet.

I must admit though that the delay meant that I’d forgotten most of what had happened (and have definitely forgotten the ordering and exact events of the books), especially aboard the Rocinante, so I wasn’t ready to start caring about that crew again until the very end of the episode, when things started to pick up.

What I did what to see more of though were Bobbie and Avasarala, and everything else was pretty much a distraction from that.

The thing that disappointed the most though was the Razorback – compared to how I imagined it from the book, it seemed more like a palatial five star hotel. I was looking forward to Bobbie ripping out the seat in order to squeeze in – but instead the crew cabin is way bigger than I had pictured it. I was thinking something more along the lines of an Apollo capsule, with a very big engine strapped to the back. The outside of the ship I thought was fine (as is the Guanshiyin), just the size of the crew compartment I found jarring.

Gaming tomorrow night, so it’s going to be the weekend before we get to watch the next episode.

Samuel Penn