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Authored By: Special Agent Susan Fields

Our next place of call is Willi’s Meeting House, a two story road house bar which the various biker gangs use as a watering hole and a place to let off steam. Apart from a beautifully painted Harley mounted on the wall above the bar, the place is a dive, with broken furniture piled up against one wall, and a distinctive chemical smell that probably comes from the drug paraphernalia which the owners have not bothered to hide.

The man behind the counter is mostly useless, but the two women (named after either programming languages or gemstones – the former doesn’t seem in keeping with the nature of the town) are more forward with information.

Mr Oberman did get into a big fight with the Warlocks after the Mad Dogz were ambushed by them when they pulled into the parking lot. The fight moved indoors, and during it Oberman’s head was smashed against the pool table.

Prior to the fight, he appeared to be acting quite normally (though their descriptive language was quite colorful and less than positive). After the fight they helped to get him into possibly Ms Dalton’s car.

Ms Dalton, though not a regular at Willi’s, did turn up enough to be known. The women remarked that they were surprised that she wastes her time with the Dogz gang, since she is obviously much brighter and should be aiming to get away from this town.

On leaving, we get a call from Dr Grey who provides us with more details on Ms Dalton, who apparently is doing a PhD in synthetic hormones to prevent neurological degeneration.

It seemed at this point that the chain of events were probably that Mr Oberman had been either killed or at least fatally injured in the fight, and that Ms Dalton took him back to the Dog Yard and pumped him full of the same chemicals she had used on the cat. We decided that a night time visit to the Yard was in order, preferably after most of the gang had left it for Willi’s, and we had stocked on some suitable hardware.

Led by Agent Daniels, we entered the Dog Yard and made our way to the main shipping containers. Agent Daniels was able to silently take out one of the bikers that spotted us, and we noticed two containers of interest.

One was heavily locked, but seemed to have some powerful strobe light inside which was shining out of cracks in the container. The other was covered in heavy plastic sheeting, within which someone was working.

Investigating the second container, it turned out to be a Meth lab with a more unusual lab at the far end. Within was Ms Iris Dalton, performing experiments on the partial remains of a corpse. It had its limbs intact, and was strapped to a steel table. The head was missing, as was a third of its upper torso. This however did not prevent it from thrashing around.

Also obvious were glass jars of various body parts, including what appeared to be a still beating heart. Agent Daniels attempted to take her down, but she was far stronger than she looked. She attempted to stab him with a syringe full of some blue chemical, so I intervened and tried to disarm her. During the struggle, the syringe smashed, getting the chemical liquid on both her and myself.

I divested myself of my outer jacket to avoid getting any on my skin, and eventually she is subdued and bound.

Further investigation of the lab allowed us to retrieve the hard drive from her computer and a couple of written diaries, including one which was very nicely penned, and dated between 1902 and 1905.

Agent Fox found some slightly bluish blocks of Meth, which she recovered a sample of. We then called in a clean up crew to deal with the rest of the problem, labelling it as a bio-emergency.

Later interrogation of Ms Dalton made it clear that she suffered from a very high view of her own competence and importance. She may not have been entirely inaccurate in this view, but her complete lack of morals or worries about public safety puts her in the category of being a serious public safety hazard. We recommend that she is restrained away from the public view for the rest of her life.

She claimed to have conquered death, and had been experimenting on recently dead gang members, using her own tissue as a baseline. She also mentioned a very generous sponsor, which on further investigation has a financial link (via a shell company in Luxemburg) to Benthic, the company behind another biological outbreak a couple of years back (see: Operation Shale Oil).

Reading through her notes, it seems that powerful strobe light effects had the effect of making those under the influence of her chemicals docile.

The old diary seems to have been written by someone named Doctor Herbert West MD, and is full of complicated medical terminology which needs to be handed over to someone more skilled in this area than we are.

Once Ms Dalton had been removed to suitable custody, and the Dog Yard had suffered a major fire which destroyed all possible evidence, we ensured that the local Green Box was suitably stocked with equipment for future agents who may be in the area, and closed down the operation. Information from the clean up crew reported that the other container contained several gang members who were in a post-death state, but kept docile by the lighting in that container.

Operation Azure Pennant is now closed after successful containment of the issues.

Samuel Penn