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Authored By: Special Agent Susan Fields (HARKONEN)

Date: 15th March, 2019

At the FBI building in New York, we were able to get investigations run on the two samples we had obtained. The liquid that was in the drink turned out to contain liver enzymes, and the organic matter from the box was unsurprisingly human brain tissue, specifically from the fore brain.

The brain tissue had unusual telomeres that indicated that it came from an immortalised cell line, with similar characteristics to HeLa cells.

16th March

Investigation of FBI records on Dr Scott Craken revealed that he had existed, and also had an interesting history. With a PhD in Biochemistry and Physics he had been recruited out of university to work for the government, in particular for Majestic 12. He had been involved with Project Blue Fly, officially a project to recover Soviet technology, unofficially a project to recover technology from Greys. This is entirely consistent with the memories that we obtained the previous evening.

His medical records indicated that he had unusual senescence characteristics, a fact that ties back to the telomere finding on the brain tissue sample.

A missing persons report was filed for Dr Scott Craken in August 2001, shortly after he was re-assigned to a facility owned by Akiaso. The reassignment order had been signed by a Gavin Ross, and records listed him as being the director of MJ-3 – the part of Majestic interested in US relationships with the Greys. Though it was probably luck that led me to finding this information in the FBI archives, I would recommend that a careful review of what sensitive records are kept here at the FBI is done.

We have encountered Akiaso previously, as part of Operation Shale Oil. It is a shell company that owned Benthic – a bio-research company that was not careful enough with its experiments and required extreme clean up.

Bank account records for Dr Craken showed that he had been inactive since 2001, and that his property and bank accounts were seized by the US government in 2008 when he was finally declared dead.

Further research by Agent Fox turned up information concerning brain consumption, mostly from Russian sources during the Cold War period. They described attempts to gain memories from people by consuming their brains, as well as some descriptions of not quite human looking creatures which might have been ghouls.

At this point we were running out of leads, so tried to find where the package containing brain tissue had been shipped from. The postage records gave us a post office in Newark, New Jersey, and the time allowed me to obtain video footage of those responsible for its posting.

There were two people in the video – a middle aged man and a somewhat attractive younger woman in a smart suit. Street cameras tracked them back to a car which was registered to Dr Ethan Rossiter, a psychiatrist that turns out to be the man in the video. He is a specialist in PTSD and is based in New Jersey.

The woman was recognised by Special Agent Daniels as another FBI agent – Special Agent Margaret Franks who works out of the DC office specialising in RICO activities and organised crime.

Further investigation of our host at the party links her to the sale of a property in New York on Central Park West. It was once owned by Robert Hubert, the manage of Club Apocalypse and therefore part of the Fate organisation.

Our next steps are probably to investigate the New York property, and also to follow up on Agent Franks and her psychiatrist friend.

Samuel Penn