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Author: Special Agent Susan Fields (HARKONEN)

We now had several primary targets of interest for our investigations. Firstly, there was FBI Special Agent Margaret Franks, the second was Dr Ethan Rossiter, a psychiatrist at the VA hospital in New Jersey. The third was our real estate saleswoman who had hosted the cannibalistic party, who shall be referred to as MB.

Gaming Note: The real estate agent is based on a real person with a similar job and location, so her name is deliberately not mentioned here in order to avoid confusion and potential awkwardness.

Special Agent Franks was assigned to a RICO case involving human trafficking related to Russian mafia groups in New Jersey. We had witnessed her with Dr Ethan Rossiter delivering the human brains to the post office, though according to FBI records Dr Rossiter was not on her list of official contacts.

Dr Rossiter himself had prior history with Delta Green, and had been listed as a ‘friendly,’ though it was back in the early 90s. A university friend of his – Theodore Morse – had been involved in a bad operation, and had been permanently retired in 92. Dr Rossiter may be a cowboy operative, who is working outside of the official chain of command.

By asking in the right places, we were able to obtain historical phone location history for all three, though MB did not have a phone registered to her. Her assistant, who seemed to go with her everywhere, did however.

There were convenient gaps in their location history, as if they had switched their phones off. For Dr Rossiter and Special Agent Franks, these times often coincided in time and rough location, though she was better at hiding her destination than he was. MB however seemed to be not directly connected to the other two, though also had gaps in her history, one of which coincided with the dinner party.

After some investigation we narrowed Dr Rossiter’s destinations down to a provider of storage containers in central Newark, the docks and an area of clubs and restaurants. The storage container offices were the most precise location we had, so we performed a night time excursion to the place.

The building had light security, and though we managed to disable the external alarm box it turned out not to be necessary given the poor choice of alarm codes used. Agent Fox was able to access their database records for a list of customers, and we linked a Mr Green to times when Dr Rossiter was probably visiting. Mr Green seemed to be have cargo containers moved from the docks to a two public storage areas outside of Newark, one of which was a refrigerated warehouse, the other a more traditional storage facility. We obtained a full copy of their files, as well as a sample of master keys.

Agent Fox was able to find video footage of the storage facility, and matching it to delivery times for Mr Green’s/Dr Rossiter’s containers, we now have evidence of Dr Rossiter unloading the containers into the storage units. There was also a second person working with Dr Rossiter, who we identified via his car’s license plate number as a Jon Gerowski. We don’t yet have details on his connection to the operation. The contents unloaded consisted of several crates about half the size of a dishwasher, but there was no indication of their actual contents.

Agent Fox also found some night footage of Dr Rossiter’s car making a delivery. There were three unidentified individuals dragging a black sack about 6ft long, which possibly could have been a body bag. This was deposited in one of the storage units.

We ran an analysis of the other names in the database for the storage company, and have discovered a high correlation between those customers and people mentioned on the list of contacts for Special Agent Franks. Her notes do not mention the company at all though, so either she has missed something or is hiding something. At this point in time my personal opinion is that she is in some way connected to the operation, but we don’t currently have any evidence of that.

Samuel Penn