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Author: Special Agent Susan Fields

An investigation of the routing for the shipping containers by Agent Fox discovered that they were destined for Ushuaia, in Tierra del Fuego, the last stop before Antarctica. They had come from what turned out to be a fake meat packing facility in the US. Exactly what they were planning on doing once they got down there is currently unknown.

Special Agent Neil and myself paid a quick visit to the refrigerated storage facility which was the second location used to store the goods locally. Unfortunately this turned out to be an industrial scale facility, with good quality security that would have been difficult to get past without proper authorisation which we didn’t have.

The small scale storage facility turned out to be a much easier target, especially when the manager had previously very helpfully made her political and social views very clear and public on Facebook. She was incredibly helpful when we turned up as Parks and Fisheries inspectors looking into a potential case of animal cruelty, and provided us with full access to Dr Rossiter’s storage unit.

She was also very forthcoming with information. She had a low opinion of one of Dr Rossiter’s companions, a woman who she identified as Agent Franks. She had witnessed Franks picking up people at a bar in the evening, she presumed for one night stands. Later investigation showed that the number of missing person’s in the area was significantly high, and has been so for the last four to five years. It is our hypothesis that Agent Franks has been selecting people for use as the main course in the cannibalistic dinner parties, picking on single men who are not local to the area. The backgrounds of many of them imply she was specifically looking for people with interesting memories – extreme sport enthusiasts or those who were well travelled. Such memories would then be savoured by those eating their brains.

The contents of the storage unit was suspiciously similar to a Green Box. Given Dr Rossiter’s earlier connections to Delta Green, it may be more than coincidence. The contents were many and eclectic, and included many firearms along with non-standard ammunition – both pure gold bullets and those with jade in them.

Of exceptional note though where the following:

  • A tape recorder that had recorded on it a short musical tune consisting of whistling.
  • An antique music box with a note on it warning not to wind twice in a row.
  • A Nokia 6310 without a SIM card.
  • A battery powered video camera which was web enabled. Later investigation showed footage of Dr Ethan Rossiter, Agent Margaret Franks and Jon Gerowski.
  • A Wisconsin highway map, with a section of highway 33 between Interstate 90/94 and the city of Baraboo marked in yellow highlighter and an FM radio frequency written in black ink and three sets of call letters. The second set is circled in red.
  • A plastic bucket with a pattern of a fractal tree drawn with a silver pen on its top. Agent Fox identified this as a potentially very powerful ward.
  • A metal table of the type used to perform an autopsy.
  • Finally, in a fridge were four puzzle boxes of the sort we had seen before. One of them contained a brain and what turned out to be nervous tissue.

Given the amount of evidence that was there, we called in help to get it removed to a lab for further research. Though this will have made our investigation known to the group, it was decided that it was better than risking losing the evidence.

Once the material had been safely moved it was possible to perform some tests on it. The music box played a tube for 4’37”, and emitted light from the solid metal figure that span as it played. If the same person wound it up twice, then everyone in the area became mildly drunk. Playing it three times made everyone extremely drunk. Nobody tried it more than three times.

The plastic bucket contained some form of goop, which when placed on a living creature, dissolved that creature entirely apart from their brain and nervous tissue. This was undoubtedly the means by which they were obtaining brains from their victims. The process was incredibly painful for the victim, and the goop seemed to ignore dead creatures. The music from the tape recorder seemed to exert some control over the goop, sending it back into its bucket when it was played.

At this point the only missing information we had is how the drink was made, and exactly what it’s role in the memory retrieval process was. Our sources informed us that there is due to be another party at the residence by Central Park this coming weekend. This will probably be our final opportunity to gain the information we need and close their operation down for good. Whether they will be able to continue with the party given that we have both a brain and their means for making more is not known at this point, but it may force them to seek other avenues of gaining their supplies, and thereby provide us with a chance to uncover more of their operation.

Samuel Penn