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Author: Susan Fields (HARKONNEN)

21st March

We now had enough information to be able to order a clean up of the attendees of the cannibalistic parties, but still had some lose ends. For one, we didn’t know where the liquid that seemed to act as a catalyst to the memory transfers was obtained from. We also didn’t know whether there were any others involved in the organisation.

Agent Fox performed a wide ranging search of all communications by the targets in an attempt to locate and other associates, and noticed that there was a spike of phone activity near the TWU counselling centre in the Bronx. As far as we could determine though, there was nothing special about that place, nor the U-Haul depot close to it.

After some investigation, we eventually came across a Tweet mentioning the St Peter’s church across the road, and that there had been a break in about six months ago. This time line roughly coincided with the first known party organised by the group.

According to police records, unknown people – probably drug addicted teenagers – had broken into a tomb beneath the church and into some coffins. There were signs of some items having been taken, and also evidence of attempts to dig through the bottom of the tomb.

One interesting point of note was that on camera footage at the scene the police had notice the presence of a van with obscured license plates which was parked near the church at the time of the break-in. Other video footage that Agent Fox is able to access showed that the graveyard seemed to be inhabited at night. Since this is one of the oldest graveyards in the city, we decided that it may be home to ghouls, and could be a source of the memory liquid. Agent Fox made the link between the ‘almost-human’ enzymes in the liquid, and ‘almost-human’ ghouls.

We were also able to determine the identities of the two bodyguards, and tracked down their homes to apartments within New York.

We split into two teams – I went to investigate the graveyard at night, whilst Agent Fox and Special Agent Daniels went to stake out one of the bodyguards to try and catch them obtaining more of the liquid.

22nd March, 01:00

The graveyard of St Peters was quiet at night, but I encountered a being that was not entirely human, with a pointed face and many teeth, who had the appearance of being squashed into his body. He was dressed in very old clothes including a top hat and a rain coat, with a west country English accent. He called himself Saul, and coincidentally was sitting near the gravestone of a Saul Fetterman who died in 1738.

Given some pork pies, he was more than willing to talk. Apparently some people had come here about 6 months ago and took a friend of his called Ruth. Her name was on a nearby gravestone. They had a witch charm, though I don’t know what the full effects of that would have been.

It would appear that the organisation has taken a ghoul and is using her to obtain the liquid catalyst from. He didn’t know who the people were, but would recognise their smell if he found them again. I gave him the time and location of the next party at its address by Central Park, and said I would try to return with more information the next night.

I returned home to sleep, and messaged Agent Fox to let her know I had made contact and to meet in the morning.

Samuel Penn