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Author: Special Agent Susan Fields (HARKONEN)

12th June 1400

The team was called to an urgent meeting by Special Agent Marcus Neil at the FBI offices in New York city. That morning, a 26 year old maths student at Columbia University named MICHAEL WEI had driven down to Alliance New Jersey and murdered all eight members of the RIDGEWAY family at their home. After committing the murders, he had spray painted a series of numbers on the drive outside the home, then killed himself with.

Along with the state police, the FBI were already involved in the investigation since it had involved the transportation of firearms across state borders. Our interest was in the sequence of numbers, which were known to possess some powerful paranormal properties. We were told that it was important that we were not mathematically inclined, since too much knowledge of what the numbers signified could be dangerous. Though I fail to see how knowledge of a simple numerical sequence could be dangerous, I’ve seen enough during my time with Delta Green that there is little that wouldn’t surprise me any more.

The mathematical sequence was:

9 9 2 0 .2 2 9 9 8 9 2 1 2 .3 3 3

Our instructions were to:

  • Determine if WEI distributed the number in any manner besides the crime scene (such as phone, text, social media or email)
  • Locate WEI’s notes and other works on the number and destroy them.
  • Destroy the numbers written at the scene and all photographic evidence of them in the hands of the authorities.
  • Locate any individuals who have been exposed to the numbers and have mathematics experience and report them to your case office.
  • Establish a cover story for WEI’s actions and create whatever documents are necessary to make the cover story credible.
  • Once these actions are complete, contact your case officer for further instructions.

We have a possible friendly contact already involved with a case, Trooper Thomas Blanet of the New Jersey State Police. The case has been termed Operation Iapetus by the FBI, and is being led by FBI Supervisory Special Agent Aidan Canor, who has no knowledge of Delta Green.

Special Agent Neil asked us to come up with a plan of how we wanted to insert ourselves into the case, so we decide the following plan of action:

  • Myself and Special Agent Nick Daniels, since we are both FBI agents will join the case as specialists. For myself, my social skills would allow me to join as a criminal psychologist.
  • Agent Lilia Fox will join as an observer from the CIA, for unspecified reasons possibly to do with potential foreign activity.
  • We will attempt to modify the numbers written, or at least the records of them and destroy the originals.
  • If she can, Agent Fox will modify the family’s WiFi password to match the (modified) numbers written, then we can float the idea that for some reason he wrote out their WiFi password. It doesn’t make sense, but it would move the question from “what are these numbers?” to “why the WiFi password?”

With a plan, Special Agent Daniels makes the necessary calls to get us assigned to the case, and we start our drive down to Alliance.

Alliance, New Jersey, 17:30

On arrival at the Ridgeway residence, we find that it has been cordoned off and the bodies already removed. Black plastic sacks had been taped to the ground outside the house, covering the digits that had been written there. We were met by Special Agent Aidan Canor, as well as Special Agent William Gant and Police Chief Upton Weeks. We were also told that Dr Commox, a cryptanalysist for the FBI was on her way here. We passed that information back to Special Agent Daniels to see if he could get her redirected – we definitely didn’t want any mathematical specialists looking into this.

The sequence of events seem to be that Michael Wei set off the burglar alarm at 02:28:13, breaking into the house with a shotgun. He rounded up the family members, and shot all but one of them in the kitchen – Malcolm Ridgeway (44) andDinah Ridgeway (43), along with their children Michael (18), Clark (16), Mary (13), Alice (12) and Claire (10). For some reason, Michael was shot outside the house on the street, presumably he had tried to escape.

Altogether, 16 shots were fired, with each person being shot once except for Clark who was shot twice. The other shots were fired into doors and walls, including into the stove, where the clock was also frozen at 02:28:13 – whether the clock was running slow, or it was changed afterwards to match the time of the break-in wasn’t clear.

Whether it is coincidence or not, the 16 shots matched the 16 digits in the number that was written in black spray paint outside.

I suggested to Special Agent Canor that we restrict knowledge of the number sequence as much as possible, to prevent the spread of conspiracy theories and copy cat killings, and he agreed. Some photos of the numbers were taken, and except for one digit (the middle ‘8’) which was lifted off the ground for further analysis, the number was erased.

Whilst the forensics team were uploading the data, I tried to shoulder surf to find the location and hopefully credentials to gain access to the evidence later. Whilst I was being friendly with the forensics specialist, Agent Gant was trying to be friendly with me, offering to book hotel rooms or find me refreshments.

The shotgun that had been used in the killings was a Remington 870 police shotgun, with serial No. 2022998. Another numerical coincidence. It was officially sold to the state of NY during the summer of 1959, and is in theory being held by the New York 24th Precinct as a utility weapon, part of a batch of five.

Another item of note was that Wei had driven down here from New York, and the registration number of his car was 131071 – a Mersenne Prime which was his main area of research, along with side interests in encryption and compression methodologies. This might actually help us cover things up if Agent Fox is able to declare some of the evidence as state secrets.

Our next task is to head back to New York. Agent Fox needs to take a look at some of the evidence (including computers, phones and other material) first hand at where it has been moved to the FBI labs, and I need to head to Columbia University to investigate any evidence there, and talk to Wei’s colleagues and friends. It will probably be useful to drop in on the 24th Precinct as well, to see how many of their shotguns are missing.

Special Agent Daniels will remain here in Alliance to keep an eye on the FBI and Police investigation.

Samuel Penn