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DeltaGreen Framework Rainbow

Author: Special Agent Susan Fields (HARKONNEN)

12th June, 21:00, Alliance New Jersey

Special Agent Nick Daniels attempted to distract Dr Sarah Commox from the mathematical implications of the crime scene by taking her out to dinner and getting her very drunk, a task he apparently succeeded in.

On leaving the restaurant, they were accosted by a journalist named Enrico Savé from the local news, who asked about the numbers that the FBI were hiding from the public. Daniels managed to ignore them and get away.

On the evening news, there is a discussion about the murders, and also mention that the Ridgeway family were in family counselling, and that Wei may have been involved in whatever event had required the need for counselling.

Over night, Special Agent Fox had put Dr Comox to bed, then gained access to her phone (unlocked via fingerprint). He was unable to gain access to her laptop though, so damaged the hard drive to destroy the data.

13th June, 08:00, New York City

At the 24 Precinct Police Station, I spoke with the very defensive sergeant in charge of the armory there about the shotgun that was used in the incident, and the fact that the last record for it is of it being held here. Apart from the strong smell of fresh paint, the armory seemed very much normal, with the records confirming the sergeant’s comments that it had been used five days ago in a raid.

He opened the shotgun box for me, and showed that the gun was indeed missing. After some questioning, he admitted that the guns had been taken out a couple of days ago because the armory had a leak and needed fixing and repainting. He insisted though that they were in the carpark under guard at all times.

The only point when he wasn’t standing over them was a couple of minutes when a dog was run over by a squad car, and he had to check on that.

We checked the CCTV footage, and found footage of Michael Wei loitering near the police station for several minutes before the dog was run over. A few seconds before the dog ran out into the road, he started moving towards the car park, and was able to get to the gun box, unlock it, and retrieve a gun whilst everyone else’s attention was on the dog.

Checking with the police sergeant, the code on the lock was 921 – one of the numbers in the sequence that Wei had access to.

Columbia University

Meanwhile, Dr Fox had gone to interview Dr Tish at the university biology department. Despite having been badly assaulted by Dr Bon, she still spoke highly of him and thought that he should return to his position.

He spent a lot of stime in Serranía de los Yariguíes, where he studied a new species of spider – Acanthogonatus comis – that lived in hives. He had brought some back to the university for study, and his work with them had involved discussions with the mathematics department in order to build a mathematical model of a spider hive.

When he attacked Dr Tish, he ad been shouting “I AM STAYING HERE”, though she didn’t know why since nobody had suggested that he wouldn’t be. Since he was bailed from prison, he has not been seen or heard from. Apparently he was bailed out by the charitable foundation that was sponsoring him – the Grant Foundation. It turned out that this foundation is partly funded by Akiaso, the same company who has been behind a number of other biological disasters we have needed to clean up.

Alliance, New Jersey

That morning, Special Agent Daniels had breakfast with Dr Comox, where she was again focused on mathematics, and repeatably wrote down another number – 212 989 9222 – which turns out to be the number for home improvement company.

It was then that a couple of agents turned up. Introducing themselves as Mr White and Mr Black from the US Martial’s Office, they took Dr Comox away, identifying themselves to Daniels as being members of Delta Green.

New York

Agent Fox and myself went to Dr Bon’s apartment, but he apparently terminated his lease two days before the incident with Dr Tish. A student came by twice since then looking for him – the landlord identified the person as Michael Wei. Though the landlord was able to provide a mobile number for Dr Bon, it appears to have been disconnected since then.

The last known location of the phone was near a bridge at Riverbank State Park.

It was then that a news alert was pushed to us – another family had been murdered in California, which included Julius Sward who was another member of the MathsGeek mailing list.

Samuel Penn