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DeltaGreen Framework Rainbow

Author: Special Agent Susan Fields (HARKONNEN)

13th June, New York

In California, the family of Julius Sward had all been killed with small arms fire, and their house burned to the ground. Evidence seems to be that they were shot by Julius Sward himself. He was another member of the MathsGeek mailing list, so locating and taking the other members into protection should become a priority for Delta Green.

The tracking down of the other members though was not part of our remit, so we proceeded to concentrate on the final part of our mission – to provide a story to explain the killings which didn’t involve the strange mathematics that Michael Wei had uncovered.

Agent Fox demonstrated her skills at this point, and was able to gain access to several of Malcolm Ridgeway’s online accounts, giving us access to his photo library. Amongst the many photos were several of his wife which were very probably not meant for public viewing. We took copies of these, stripped them of any metadata, and placed them on Michael Wei’s computer. This allowed us to present the ‘found’ evidence to Special Agent Canor, along with a suggestion that Wei and Dinah Ridgeway had some form of connection. Whether it was a consensual relationship, or whether Wei was stalking her we leave to the imagination of the FBI – the less information we put in our official report, the less false evidence we need to produce and make watertight.

Whilst looking from Michael Wei’s own photos, there is a picture of a back of a hand, with a spider balanced on it. It is a spider that looks very similar to the species that Dr Bon was investigating.

We tagged anything in Michael Wei’s online accounts and computer for deletion or modification, and left it to more suitable Delta Green agents to clean things up.

21:00, Alliance New Jersey

Special Agent Daniels and Special Agent Gant met up to discuss the case at a restaurant, though it appears that Special Agent Gant had more interest in finding out about myself than in the case. Their photo was taken by a local reporter, and after Special Agent Canor heard about this, he decided to hold a press briefing.

Players Note: Agent Gant is obviously has a very unprofessional interest in Susan, and asks some questions about her. Agent Daniel’s player seems to have missed some of the comments I’ve made about Susan’s background, but there are some details which could be filled in.

So as extra background on Susan Fields, she likes Italian Food, and is into female punk rock bands. She met her current girlfriend at a Sex Pissed Dolls concert in the UK three years ago.

14th June, 09:00, Garrett Mountain

Agent Fox and myself went to the FBI building at Garrett Mountain, where we investigated Wei’s mobile phone within the protection of a Faraday Cage. He was predictable, and the pin number on his phone was 131071. We deleted any evidence on the phone, and also removed from his contacts all mention of the other MathsGeek members.

One item of note was that there was a contact number for Dr Bon, which was a PAYG phone. It had been paid for in cash, and had only received incoming calls from Michael Wei. The last time it was used was in the area of Riverbank State Park a few days ago.

Special Agent Canor held the press conference, and very usefully described the shooting as a crime of passion, making no mention of the numbers nor the way in which Wei had managed to get hold of the shotgun.

That morning, we heard that another member of MathsGeek, an ex-maths teacher by the name of Lawrence Badek, was threatening to commit suicide from the top of Marktkirche Cathedral in Wiesbaden, Germany. There is video of him waving a sheet of paper and shouting things from the top of the Cathedral. I am now certain how much influence Delta Green has in Germany, but we did put in a request that somebody ‘handle it’.

Some time later, the Spezialeinsatzkommando arrive on the scene, and Lawrence Badek is seen falling to his death along with one of the police officers.

12:00, Riverbank State Park

Whilst the other agents investigated via digital means, I headed to the Riverbank State Park to get a view of things from the ground, posing as a jogger. I managed to make contact with one, a young teenage girl who called herself Mouse. After providing her with some food, and some cash, she spoke of someone that was referred to as the Spider Man. He lives in the tunnels at the back of the parking lot, and is surrounded by spider webs and spiders. It used to be a good, dry place to stay, but now everybody avoids it. Those that get bitten start behaving very strangely.

Agents Daniels and Fox discovered that the number of reported pests in the area had been greatly reduced recently, but there had been an increase in cases of homeless people reporting to the hospital with gangrenous limbs.

It is not clear at this stage exactly what the connection is between Dr Bon and Michael Wei, or where the spiders fit into this, but at least for now it is not something that has reached the local news.

We will need some means to go in and deal with both the spiders and Dr Bon.

Samuel Penn