DeltaGreen Framework Rainbow

Author: Special Agent Susan Fields (HARKONNEN)

Classification: DeltaGreen NY

Saturday, June 15th, 1400

It was decided that a plan for dealing with the spiders was needed. There are some good flamethrowers available on the market, but it was decided that expensing them would be difficult. We had one in the Green Box in Montana, but that was too far away. So we needed another way of dealing with the problem.

So I decided to risk giving a possible friendly a call – Agent Jena Gaylor from the EPA who we helped during Operation SHALE OIL. She was available, and said she’d put us in touch with someone more local who might be able to help.

Some time later I got a call from Paul Carradus from the EPA department of Non-Native Environmental Pests. He seems to be some environmentally conscious guy who cycles everywhere, but seemed to know what he was doing, and took details of the spiders we had in the lab.


Whilst Agents Fox and Daniels remained at the library, I took him down to Riverbank State Park to investigate the scene. I had a concern that we hadn’t actually investigated the possible site of spider infestation ourselves, only heard stories of it second hand from the homeless girl, but it turns out things are as bad as we feared – possible worse.

One of the tunnels was completely covered in sheets of spider webs, and he takes some samples. At that point, a homeless man showed up – wearing an army surplus jacket and smelling badly of refuse. He was pale skinned, bruised and tired looking, and seemed to have injured his right arm – at least he was supporting it with his left.

“I’m staying here.” “This is my place.” “I will have to move when the door opens.”

I assumed from these statements that he was Dr Steffan Bon, and tried to calm him and get information from him. We circled each other, and I noticed that his right arm seemed to be bulging under his coat. I also noticed at this point that one of the walls was covered in chalk markings of strange symbols, maths and other markings. The markings cover about 20ft of the wall, but I can’t determine what it means.

“Some of these shapes don’t work. The numbers aren’t making the right shapes. I’m staying here.”

I got myself and Agent Carradus out of the area and away from Dr Bonn, who seemed to be crazy and potentially dangerous. Carradus was also nervous about the Doctor, and insisted that before anything could be done we had to ‘deal’ with him, since explaining him to the authorities would be complicated.

The rest of the homeless would also need to be moved on before the area could be fumigated, and though he could work with the police to do that, it would take time and require a lot of forms to be filled out. Fortunately I think he understood the seriousness of the situation, and though probably didn’t get the details, realised that there was something happening here that probably didn’t want to be exposed to the harsh light of day.

I called in to the rest of the team to update them on events, and we came up with a plan to clear out the homeless. We dropped word at the local soup kitchen that the police were planning to move people on, and to the homeless girl Mouse that we were going to deal with the spider problem and to spread the word that staying here wouldn’t be safe.

We received a call late that night from our spider expert in Florida that the spiders were indeed odd. He had dissected one, and confirmed that it had a larger ‘heart’ than normal, and in its ‘brain’ there was a fleck of what looked like glass, which wasn’t yielding at all well to analysis. One of his assistants had accidentally touched a fleck, and began suffering from serious hallucinations.

Sunday, 0300

By the early hours of Sunday morning, the place had been emptied of everyone apart from Dr Bonn, and we turned up with a van, a tranquilliser rifle, some garden-variety ‘weed burners’, several cans of RAID, and wearing wet suits, masks, gloves and anything else we could think of.

Agent Fox was able to identify the chalk markings as a badly constructed summoning circle. There was chanting of sorts coming from down the tunnel, and with our torches we found Dr Bonn.

Agent Daniels shot him in the upper leg with a tranquilliser dart, and he fell to the ground, leaving a trail of puss and blood on the middle of the markings. Agent Fox moved in to spray him with RAID, and his right arm pulsed, and fell apart in a gush of fluid and necrotic tissue. A giant spider, possibly weighing a kilogram, burst from the flesh, straight into the spray of RAID. Agent Daniels shot it with a dart, and we sprayed it some more until we were certain it was dead.

We removed any numbers from the chalk scrawlings, as well as as much of the rest as we could, and got the now dead body of Dr Bonn into a bag along with the spider, and then into the van. We took them to an out of city animal disposal site where we had a friendly contact, and ensured that they were completely burned.

The next day, the EPA were able to come in and fumigate the site, destroying the spiders and cleaning up the cobwebs and animal bones from done the tunnel. We also ensured that the spiders in the lab were suitably removed and destroyed.

With the threat to public health removed, and dangerous knowledge suppressed and destroyed, we consider operation FRAMEWORK RAINBOW to be successfully closed. The true nature of the spiders may never be known, but if someone else wants to investigate things further then that is for them to risk.

Samuel Penn