Serpent’s Skull – Part 63

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Sanctum of the Serpent God – Snakes and Demons

See the campaign notes for background. I actually missed this session, so what is written here is a brief synopsis based on the notes from the other players.

Tabansi’s Journal, Part 63

We continue to explore the narrow tunnels, encountering another group of Urdefhan and fighting our way past them to a room with a statue of a serpentfolk standing on a plinth and holding a tablet in one hand and pointing to a golden circle on the floor with the other.

Ek’Tura summons an angel to help us, and several more Urdefhan join the fray, one of them activating a trap from the golden ring which hurts the party, though their ability to activate it seems limited. The angel, Athazog and Arkin (who is now invisible thanks to Ek’Tura) manage to inflict heavy damage on the Urdefhan, with Derek providing much needed healing and myself shooting arrows in from the rear.

As the angel dies, so Ek’Tura summons an Earth Elemental but that is soon slain by the trap before the rest of us can finally finish off the creatures.

Down further tunnels another room is located which has a couple of large display cases containing weapons and other artefacts. They are protected in a force cage of some kind which we can’t break through, but Arkin is able to spot some secret doors in the walls. They don’t lead anywhere exciting though.

At the far end of the room though is another door which leads out onto a walkway about 10ft above the room below, leading to an outcrop of rock on which is an altar. Stairs either side of the door lead up and around the room, and many statues of snakes curl up columns supporting the ceiling above.

Standing by the altar is an Urdefhan wearing a spiked gauntlet and carrying a shield, and next to him is a Meladaemon. More Urdefhan flank the room, and a large vaguely humanoid gaunt fish faced creature with a snake-like tail – an Astradaemon – floats across the room, biting at Arkin and draining some of his life energy.

Derek tries a sunbeam on the Astradaemon, but misses and Ek’Tura summons a devil, which then tries to dismiss the Astradaemon – but it fails. Battle is quickly joined, and Ek’Tura is grabbed by the Astradaemon, but manages to use his unfettered shirt to escape and cast Getaway to take us all to safety.

We seem to have come across an important part of the maze, but we need to rest up and possibly go and find some items to help before we return and try to defeat them.

Samuel Penn