Attack of the Clones

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Attack of the Clones was another meh film, which mostly suffered from not having anything exciting happen. There were several action sequences which went on for too long, and lots of scenes with Anakin being a whiny teenager.

Fortunately, Jar Jar was hardly in this, his only purpose to bring down democracy in the senate. Unfortunately the slapstick humour was now done with C3PO.

The good things: Palpatine was a bit more sinister in this, and it did lay the groundwork for what happens later. At one point, it seemed like there might actually be a complicated plot with Count Dooku – if he was actually working against Darth Sidious and a corrupt senate (rather than just lying about it), it could have been an interesting story line. But no, he’s just another evil character.

I did quite like how Luke’s future family was woven into the narrative though. I thought it worked, and didn’t feel too forced. The only thing is Obi-Wan wasn’t aware of what happened here, so why he decided to leave Luke here later I don’t know.

The final battle scenes had a lot of pretty CGI, but seemed to lack any real excitement. Nearly all the other Star Wars films outside of the prequels at least have some good scenes which are worth going back to watch. For me, there’s nothing here which really stands out as noteworthy.

At least I got a bit more of my army painted.

Samuel Penn