Continuing our Delta Green game on Roll20, we spent a considerable amount of time figuring out how to get from New York to Fort Peck. Not being residents of the US, the fact that it would take longer to get halfway across the US than it would to get from London to California was strange. We also got distracted with Streetview, trying to get an idea of what the area our characters were visiting actually looked like. America can be a strange foreign country for us. As such, we didn’t get a lot of actual ‘gaming’ done this session.

Operation: Measurable Starling
Date: 14th February, 2020
Reporting Agent: Special Agent Susan Fields, FBI (HARKONNEN)
Other Agents Present: Special Agent Nick Daniels, FBI (HEFFALUMP) and Agent Lilia Fox, CIA (HORUS)

We took a flight from DC to Malmstrom Airforce base, where we picked up a couple of off-road vehicles, including a Hummer. It helped that we were remembered from when we were here previously, and the base was more than happy to help us.

From there, we stopped off at our Green box to pick up some assault rifles and body armor, then drove up towards Fort Peck. Though we had the option of heavier weapons, we decided against it. If it turns out we needed them, then we probably should be running rather than fighting.

Whilst driving down the 246 towards Glasgow, I saw a number of red lights towards St Marie, which suddenly came together and then sped up in the sky. Classic UFO activity, though they could have just been something normal. Since I was driving in front in the Hummer, and Fox and Daniels were behind me in the second vehicle, by the time I was able to get in contact with them the lights had gone.

We arrived at Fort Peck without any further events, and sorted out our accommodation. Our plan for the following day was to talk to the tribal police.

We got to Poplar the next day and met with the local police chief. They were glad to see us, but seemed to be expecting us to be there to deal with issues they had already raised with the Federal Government. They have been having issues with random shootings of animals, arson and violence against their people. From discussion with them, it sounded like their problems were with some of the groups we were investigating.

I did ask about whether there had been any sightings of strange events, and they suggested that we talk to one of their storytellers about that. They have had a lot of government flights out of St Marie. They provided us with copies of their files on the various incidents, and left us to continue our investigation, but would provide any help that they could.

Samuel Penn