OperationMeasurable Starling
Date: 16th February, 2020
Reporting Agent: Special Agent Susan Fields, FBI (HARKONNEN)
Other Agents Present: Special Agent Nick Daniels, FBI (HEFFALUMP) and Agent Lilia Fox, CIA (HORUS)

After discussion with the legal authorities, we spent much of the afternoon going through the documentation concerning the various incidents over land ownership. Though this isn’t our reason for being here, it may be useful to know a bit about what is going on.

We had been invited to a BBQ being hosted by the native Americans, and decided to attend to find out a bit more about them. Whilst there, we realised that despite being in the middle of nowhere, the 5G coverage was excellent. Agent Heffalump started to get suspicious about why it had been setup and started asking around for details.

The food was excellent, and the dances were concerning. One was the Star People’s dance, which honoured people who came from a set of stars visible high in the sky. A quick check on my phone identified them as M36, M37 and M38 – not strictly stars. This sounded very similar to problems we have encountered previously about star people.

The following day we met with the story teller who told us about the strange lights in the sky, which had taken some of the their people. One young man came back, but he was never the same, and his descendants turned out to be inhuman things.

Whether this was related to what we encountered during Operation SHALE OIL I’m not sure, but it seems likely.

That afternoon we headed up to St Marie, which was near where I had seen some unusual “lights in the sky” activity on our drive down. It mostly consisted of closed, boarded up housing, a coffee shop named the Frog and Coffee and an air force base that Agent Horus informed us was used by her organisation for moving people out of the country without raising too many questions.

The Frog and Coffee seemed to have a surprising choice on offer, and the proprietors, as well as being skin-heads with beards, were somewhat offended by by desires for a simple white coffee. Their attitudes seemed inline with the right wing groups we were investigating, but we decided not to get too involved with them.

We have decided to try and find out what the airbase knows, so Agent Horus used her security credentials to try and gain us access. I was moderately surprised when we were allowed in.

Samuel Penn