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Measurable Starling

OperationMeasurable Starling
Date: 15th February, 2020
Reporting Agent: Special Agent Susan Fields, FBI (HARKONNEN)
Other Agents Present: Special Agent Nick Daniels, FBI (HEFFALUMP) and Agent Lilia Fox, CIA (HORUS)

Meeting with Agent John Smith at the airport base at St Marie turned out to be fruitful. He was happy to cooperate with us, probably because Agent Horus was a fellow CIA member. The airbase, and the associated Boeing facility, has been having problems with right-wing militia groups, though things have been getting especially problematic over the last eight weeks.

Social and legal issues haven’t been the only problems though, and he told us that there have been both visual and electromagnetic phenomenon of an unusual nature. Fortunately for us, he had been keeping careful notes.

There have been groups recording and photographing the flights out of here, and though this has always been an issue, recently the usual suspects have had the addition of gangs wearing motorcycle helmets.

Several pilots have reported seeing ‘vehicles’ whilst on flight, and on the ground there have been reports of strange occurrences, including walls moving in unnatural ways. These observations seem to be consistent with other reports we have had from previous sites.

These reports seem to coincide with the presence of a truck from a local engineering firm – “Bayorn Engineering”. They have been involved in the 5G trials as local contractors, and their owner has known, Robert Bayorn, has known affiliations with some of the right wing groups.

Agent Smith was able to get us access to the Boeing facility, where the employees there reported similar problems. They have had loss of communication, both over mobile phones and on their wired network. Most of the problems seem to be at higher altitudes, and after some questioning by Agent Heffalump, they reached the conclusion that the interference was probably coming from the ground and directed upwards.

After gathering what information we could, we reported back to base to see if there was any correlation between 5G trials and the strange occurrences. As it turned out there had been. What we needed was hard evidence.

We located a large 5G mast that was out in the middle of nowhere so we could investigate it without raising the suspicion of witnesses. Fortunately, investigating the 5G mask was simplified by the presence of the mast itself – we were able to have a video conference back with the backroom experts.

Opening up the electronics we discovered that there was a small box of electronics that looked out of place, wired into the main electronics with crocodile clips and suspended with cable ties. It looked very much like it had been hand crafted rather than mass produced.

Digging further into the electronics, we also discovered what looked like a dream catcher. Rather than trying to pull these things out ourselves, head office agrees to send in a team of specialists to remove the items safely and investigate them further.

Samuel Penn