Measurable Starling

OperationMeasurable Starling
Date: 16th February, 2020
Reporting Agent: Special Agent Susan Fields, FBI (HARKONNEN)
Other Agents Present: Special Agent Nick Daniels, FBI (HEFFALUMP) and Agent Lilia Fox, CIA (HORUS)

Late last night we had a call from head office at midnight last night to inform us that 5G masks near some of the other sites had also been fiddled with. I do not consider this information to have been time critical enough to be worth waking us just after we went to bed.

In the morning we were provided with a further update on the state of things, and also found out from the local news that there is meant to be a right wing rally in St Marie later that day.

The plan from HQ was that we were to make ourselves conspicuous somewhere whilst the technicians examined the local 5G mast and removed the ‘sample’. We did this by going to Glasgow and getting pizza. After we’d been informed that the odd device had been removed from the mast, we headed up to St Marie for the afternoon rally. We took the civilian car to stay inconspicuous. but insured we had a reasonable load of heavier weapons in the boot.

At St Marie, there was a large crowd of heavily armed civilians hanging around on a field, shouting right wing slogans, drinking beer and having a general party. However, they didn’t seem to notice when a large truck with Bayorn Engineering insignia on it turned up and parked at the corner of the field. Even more surprisingly, they failed to notice the guy dressed in an NBC suit and wielding a shotgun get out. It was at that point that things started to get strange.

We witnessed a shimmering around the truck, which wasn’t a mere heat haze, but seemed to be a distortion in reality itself. Then, lights appeared in the sky and started descending towards the airfield.

Whilst Agents HEFFALUMP and HORUS start to video this, I tried to contact HQ but found that I couldn’t connect a call, despite there being a full signal available.

A riot started breaking out on the field, though everyone seemed to be resorting to fists and feet rather than guns. Then, the light descended towards the runway too quickly and there was a greenish burst of flame which burst up from the ground. At that point, the facemask of the guy in the NBC suit turned red, and he toppled over, and the distortion effect seemed to start to increase.

I grabbed an assault rifle from the boot, and headed towards the truck, calling for the other two to back me up, but they continued to video the proceedings. Pulling open the back door, there were three people in NBC suits on the floor, and a glowing green crystal hanging suspended by string above what looked like a lead container. I tried to shoot the crystal, but my gun jammed, so hit the release switch which dropped the crystal into the container. That caused the distortions to diminish, so I found the lid and sealed it completely, returning reality to normal.

Grabbing the container, which was heavy, I pulled it out of the truck and headed back to the car, where there was only HORUS. As I got the container into the car, HORUS ran to the truck and joined HEFFALUMP in driving off in it, leaving me alone with the crystal. I would like to request that the team could do with some training on teamwork and communication.

With the others gone, I needed to do something about the crashed aircraft, so drove quickly to the airfield, where I encountered Agent Smith who joined me. Since mobile communications were now working, I connected the team and HQ into a video call and stuck my phone on the dashboard, letting them know that I had a “plus one” on the call. Given Agent Smith’s actions over the course of the incident though, I believe it may be worth seeing if he can be recruited.

On the runway was a burning pile of green crystal, which roughly had the delta-wing shape of a stealth bomber. It was laying amongst a group of crushed planes, and green flame was burning from it.

The car radio suddenly crackles into life, and a message comes over it.


Final pleas of the Star Person

Telling Agent Smith to stay back and cover me, I moved towards the crashed object and saw a strange creature, crushed and trapped in the wreckage. It had too many legs, and no easily discernible torso. As it tried to plead for help, I put five rounds rapid into what most looked like a central nervous system. When that didn’t stop it, I emptied the magazine. Finally it shut up.

With help from Agent Smith we cordoned off the area and a couple of hours later a team arrived by black helicopter to perform cleanup, led by a Major “Green”. They are equipped in full urban tactical gear, and I would like to commend them on their efficiency and competence. However, I would have preferred it if they had not referred to me as “Ripley”.

The truck, and the strange crystal, were taken somewhere safe, and a raid was performed of both Bayorn Engineering’s offices and Robert Bayorn’s personal residence, though there was no sign of the man himself. We have organised an APB on him.

The fight died down at some point during the events, and most of those involved were arrested by the local police. One person claimed to have seen a strange ape-like creature drag off his friends, so possibly something else survived the crash. We should keep an ear out for any sightings over the foreseeable future.

We suggest that other 5G installations are checked for tampering. The device that was retrieved from the one we examined was similar to a Mi’Kmaq dream catcher, though made from the sort of items that might be found laying around an electrical store. Agent HEFFALUMP has suggested that we start a rumour that 5G masts are a risk to health, to provide a cover reason for any destruction we may need to perform of them if others are found to have similar tampering. I don’t believe people would be stupid enough to believe that cover story though.

In closing, it is believed that the 5G modifications were being used to coordinate the signals used to draw in the Star People, and that the removal of the device interfered with the navigation and led to the crash. At any rate, we consider the operation a success.

Samuel Penn