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Date: 13th February, 2020
Reporting Agent: Special Agent Susan Fields, FBI (HARKONNEN)
Other Agents Present: Special Agent Nick Daniels, FBI (HEFFALUMP) and Agent Lilia Fox, CIA (HORUS)

We are once again called to service by Supervisory Agent Nick Daniels, who reports another threat to the survival of humanity.

Over at least four years a number of military bases have had incidents that resulted in the loss of material of significance in a manner that seems to correlate to CASE GREEN. These include

– July 1, 2017 CAF Canadian Forces Base Greenwood, Nova Scotia
– August 11 2017 Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, VA
– October 15 2018, Bolling AFB Washington
– January 23 2019 Umatilla Army Base, Oregon
– August 4, 2019 Portland Air National Guard Base, Oregon

The reports of the incidents in question all had similarities which include, but is not limited to, reports of hallucinations (audio and visual) such as bubbles floating in the air, walls rippling, floors undulating, objects moving leaving trails of scintillating lights, strange lights–dissolving, reappearing and moving at incredible speeds and unusual residues on surfaces. The residues in question appear to be fungal in nature

Recently, USAF and Canadian base, including but not limited to, Malmstrom Air Force Base, 38 Signals Regiment, Saskatoon, Francis E. Warren AFB, WY, USA, Minot AFB, ND, have made reports of scintillating lights, strange lights–dissolving, reappearing and moving at incredible speeds and unusual residues on surfaces

– Determine if these incidents are indeed connected
– Identify any correlated activities and determine if possible a root cause of the issue
– Address the root cause to resolve

It would appear that things (we are not cleared to know the details) have been stolen from several military bases in North America over the last few years, and suspected UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) and UIDO Unidentified Intra-Dimensional Objects) activity has been reported at the scenes. The report of fungal material is worrying, given our past experience with such things.

The most recent activity seems to cluster around Fort Peck, so we will probably head there to begin our field investigations.

Further briefing mentioned that there seemed to be a lot of activity from right wing hate groups in the locale at the time of these events, which may be related. Several of those involved were also members of these groups.

Research by Agents Horus and Heffalump, by pulling the medical records of those involved, discovered that those who saw strange things and were able to report on them afterwards seemed to be addicted to drugs – normally either alcohol or Oxycontin. Those who weren’t, seemed to get violent and also had no memory of the episode.

The one event for which there was the greatest evidence was CCTV footage from Portland on 4th August last year.

A group of men were drinking and playing pool, when one of the players stops, turns and seems to watch something not visible on the camera. He then begins swiping at the air with his pool cue. When another tries to restrain him, he fights back. Then an onlooker pulls out a gun and shoots both of them before being overpowered himself. Then, all of them suddenly collapsed onto the ground. They reported no memory of the incident, and the shooter committed suicide some time later.

One of the survivors of that incident went on to join a right wing group.

Given we have been charged with finding out what is behind these incidents, we have booked flights to Fort Peck Airport, where we will be able to find accommodation to use as a base for our operation.

Samuel Penn