Serpent’s Skull – Part 67

Sanctum of the Serpent God – Divinations

Tabansi’s Journal – Part 67

Player’s Note: We’ve had a break for a couple of months on this campaign due to illness, and now we’re back doing it online.

There are a number of options open to us in terms of where we go next, so we decided to sit down and try to divine the future.

After much discussion, we decided that taking the holy sword of the Red Mantis to the Red Mantis to try and gain their aid is a viable option. They are assassins, but they need to keep their reputation of being trustworthy to potential clients so I felt that they could be trusted. After Derek used Divination to determine that they would trade with us in good faith, Derek and Ek’Tura agreed as well. After talking to Sasha, who had been the daughter of a high ranking Red Mantis assassin before leaving them, we obtained information on who best to talk to there.

Further divination about the Hunter’s Maze seemed to suggest that there wasn’t anything left there of interest to us. Eando Kline had thought that there was a great weapon of some kind that could be used against the Serpentfolk, but as far as we could tell, this wasn’t the case.

So we have decided to leave the Hunter’s Maze alone, which also means ignoring the Urdefhan priest Valgaunt. We also decided to forget about Izon, even though some of us wanted revenge against him for his changing of terms for our agreement after we helped him.

With some plans decided, we headed to Absolom to do some shopping, and I picked up a collection of generic potions. Arkin got a Cloak of the Diplomat to aid in our upcoming negotiations.

Whilst we were doing that, Derek went to the Church of Sarenrae to ask for their aid. She manages to convince them to at least talk to their goddess, and fortunately for us there is a divine suggestion to lend us some aid, in the form of a few acolytes.

With that done, we decided to go talk to the Red Mantis. Derek stayed behind, and we took a drawing of the sword rather than the sword itself. Teleporting to the island of Mediogalti, straight into the city of Ilizmagorti, we managed to find representatives of the Red Mantis and put forward our request for a deal.

Player’s Note: The campaign provides various factions who can aid us in our fight against the Serpents, and we’ve had opportunities to recruit them. The more we recruit, the easier the final battle will be for us, so it’s in our best interest to recruit as many as possible. So far, we have succeeded in recruiting the Free Captains, the Boggards, the Morlocks and the Troglodytes to our cause.

They agreed to talk to us, and after some negotiation we went back to fetch the sword and got to talk to Blood Mistress Jakalyn herself. She is most thankful to us for bringing it, and agrees to aid us in our fight against the Serpent God. She provides one of her daughters (which I think is an honorific term, rather than a biological one) to go back with us and scout out the area.

On returning to Saventh-Yhi, we provide the assassin with all the information we can. It is decided that she will return in 10 days, possibly with more of her sisters though we will not see them or know who they are. Ek’Tura spends some time trying to work out passwords and means of identifying them to prevent us accidentally killing them, though I don’t think it is necessary.

After the Red Mantis are on our side, we go to talk to the Radiant Muse. Again, Arkin is our champion of diplomacy, and with as much magical aid as it is possible for us to give, he manages to convince the Muse of the necessity of our cause.

What we have left to do is to figure out how the Spears of Saventh-Yhi can be used to help us in our attack on the Serpentfolk, and to try and train the army up as best we can so we are ready when we begin our assault.

Samuel Penn