Serpents Skull – Assassination

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Tabansi’s Journal – Addendum

Player’s Notes: This was a one on one session with me and the GM. Each player is getting these sessions, and it seems like the serpentfolk are trying to kill us all off to prevent the attack. This actually makes good sense from their perspective, but it was hard for Tabansi to be at all effective without magical backup from the rest of the party – invisible foes can be almost impossible to deal with.

I have spent the last few days training some of the new recruits at the Artisan District, showing them how to use ranged weapons effectively, and trying to give them ideas on what to do if ranged combat changes to melee.

They were coming along well, though are unlikely to win any war with the serpent folk. As a distraction though for when we try to cut the head off the snake, they may be good enough.

One of the women who brought us food and water after the training was completed asked to speak to me privately, so I took her aside from the others but made sure that we were still in view of everyone else. It was then that she tried to stab me with a dagger, which by the feel of its sting was poisoned.

I stepped back, drawing my bow and took a moment to take note of her appearance and the way she moved, so that I may find her more easily later. She spoke some words and vanished, so I moved back and tried to figure out where she was, crying out to the others that we had an assassin in our ranks.

Then her blade found its mark again, cutting deeply into me several times and almost killing me. So I ran, making for the rear of the district where I might lose her, and also draw her away from the others.

We had a game of cat and mouse amongst the deserted buildings and I took the opportunity to drink all my remaining healing potions. She came looking for me, and I had a chance to get one arrow into her after her invisibility ran out, but then she re-cast her spell and vanished from my sight.

I tried to lay a trap for her, but failed and she almost killed me again, so I fled into the jungle – I had no way of fighting a trained assassin who is invisible. Heading back to our camp, I come across Derek who was able to heal me. Apparently he was attacked by an assassin as well. The serpent folk have been busy.

Samuel Penn