Naked Men

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Our Zweihänder game continues, with an attack on the Broo camp. This is mostly done by Calthar and Djarin, since there’s not much Eva can do in combat, so she hasn’t recorded most of the details of what happened in the fight.

Also, in the last week, Roll20 has added a Compendium for Zweihänder, meaning a lot of the rules are now available within the application, which makes looking things up much easier.

The Broo encampment which we had found looked exceedingly dangerous. Not only were there a handful of mostly naked Broo, but there was a horned half-goat Hircus dancing around the fire. A number of prisoners were tied to stakes over the far side, and a couple of guards were patrolling the edge of the camp, though they didn’t seem particularly observant.

It was then that I was surprised by a dwarf. She was dressed in rather new looking leather armour and carried a crossbow that looked almost unused. She had tried sneaking up on us, and though she had avoided being noticed by me, she was somewhat put out by Djarin spotting her first. She introduced herself as Norene Stormfather, and turned out to be the sister of Noris Stormfather that we had met at the mine some weeks ago. She was after the bounty on the Broo, and was also looking for Baron Barnstable since she was seeking employment. When we pointed out that we were simply here for the Baron who was probably being held in the camp, and weren’t after the bounty on the Broo, she became a bit more friendly.

Though she seemed rather taken by Djarin and Calthar though, her reference to me as a “dishrag” has somewhat limited her likeability in my estimation.

Her plan had been to either poison them at night, or stab them in their sleep. It was decided though that the best approach was to take out the guards and perform a surprise attack on the rest, and Norene was willing to help us do that.

So Calthar quickly dispatched the two guards as they wandered past, and then Norene and Djarin quickly opened up on the Broo with their crossbows. Djarin managed to paralyse the Hircus with his first shot, and Calthar ran in to start butchering them.

Whilst the blood letting was going on, I checked on the prisoners to see if they could be rescued. Several of them looked like they had been infected by the Grendels, and were partly on the way to being Broos, including three pregnant women.

Once the fighting was over, I cut loose the ones who seemed uninfected, and moved them away from the area. Amongst them was an older man who turned out to be Baron Barnstable, as well as his man-at-arms whom the Broo had ‘rescued’ after the fight at the village and patched up – presumably so that they could convert him later.

Whilst I ensured that they got some proper food and drink, Calthar ensured that the others were put out of their misery. There was nothing we could do to prevent them turning into Broo, and at that point they would need to be killed anyway. So we said prayers over the dead and ensured that their bodies were burned.

We have managed to get the survivors back to the village, and I have cleaned the Baron’s wounds and patched him up. In a day or two we should be able to head back to Sielzen with the Baron, where he can hopefully persuade someone to send a small army to deal with the rest of the creatures.

Samuel Penn