Into the Sewers

In our Zweihänder game last week, we recovered some journals and letters from the Heavies, and managed to decode them. Now our aim is to try and find out more about the Order of Redemption, though Eva isn’t sure how to go about doing that.

Shortly after getting up, I decided it was time to use the spyglass that had been left as a present to me, and take a closer look at the stained glass window at the church. Calthar had also received an invitation to go to a party that evening (without the rest of us), so she wanted to go off and get something to wear.

So Djarin and myself headed for the church. As we left the inn though, a man came barging into the doorway on a collision course with Djarin. Djarin stood his ground, and the guy bounced off, and then gave out about having been offended. He through his glove down on the floor and demanded satisfaction.

I was just about to pick it up for him, when Djarin retorted with a witty response.

You seem to have dropped your glove, and for satisfaction there’s a whore house at the other side of town.

— Djarin

The guy is left speechless, and there is laughter from several people within earshot. He quickly hurries off, probably hoping that nobody would recognise him.

Player’s Note: Djarin has taken ‘Bravo’ as his second profession, and Bravos are known for their desire to duel noteworthy adversaries. Djarin is obviously starting to attract the attention of others. Duels can be with wit as well as steel though.

At the square, we had a bit of a discussion about how to spy on the window without being seen, but I decide that actually probably nobody would care if they saw us, and even if they did, we weren’t doing anything illegal.

So I used the spyglass to have a close examination of the window. Dominating the scene was the God Emperor, who was stood at the top in full regalia looking out towards us. Two figures stood to either side of him – on his left was a woman with a book who was probably the Handmaiden, who represents the Church itself. On his right was a man to whom He was holding out a sceptre. The man was unusual, in that he’s not normally present in such artwork, and I wasn’t sure who he was.

Directly beneath them were a bunch of people looking out as well, standing where the saints normally stood, but not the saints. They were outlined in light, but not with the normal saintly halos.

Beneath them was another group that were kneeling in the direction of the God Emperor, worshipping him. They represented the normal people. Finally, also facing the God Emperor were the nobility.

Player’s Notes: I keep on getting the feeling that there’s something really important about this window, since the GM keeps on pointing us at it, but I’m completely clueless about why. Maybe there’s some important clues that we’re missing that would make everything obvious, or maybe it’s background fluff. Eva did critical an Education check to try and interpret the picture, but the GM didn’t provide any obvious information that we can act on.

It was very good quality, and something seemed definitely off (and probably Heretical) about it. Behind the window (on the inside) was some circular shadow just above the God Emperor. I couldn’t figure out what it was – we’d need to get inside to find out.

Whilst we were standing there, an old woman came up to me and asked to take a look. I let her do so, and she seemed impressed by what she saw. Some other people nearby looked like they were about to take an interest as well, so I quickly put the spyglass away and we headed off.

Later that day we went to the Green Dragon Inn to speak with our spy contact Victor Hoffman in order to pass on the information we had obtained from the warehouse. He didn’t know who Nightjack was, but said that he would pass on any information he found.

Whilst Djarin and myself were having lunch at the Green Dragon, there were a number of smirks and a bit of laughter. It seems that the story of Djarin and the attempted duel attempt has started to spread, apparently in favour of Djarin.

Calthar had wanted us to meet her at the party at midnight, in order to escort her back on the streets. As we arrived, a carriage pulled up and a pale woman in white got out – possibly the Baron’s mistress. The carriage had a white orchid as a coat of arms.

Apparently the red haired swordwoman Stephana Roshu was there, as was a Lady Zinofiel who was owner of the White Orchid pleasure house. There was something about the head of a monster being presented as a gift, but to be honest we just wanted to get to sleep so I put the pillow over my head to try and block the noise of Calthar’s stories about the party.

Apparently a Sailor went missing during the night, another victim to whatever is stealing people from the streets. Djarin was able to find some clues that lead down into the sewers so we decided to investigate.

At various points the sewers lead down into regions which appear to be more like natural underground tunnels rather than sewers, but we eventually managed to find passages that linked the passage to the warehouse with a bricked up wall with a door that was a lot closer to the church in the northwest of the city.

Though Djarin lost the tracks of whatever had dragged the sailor down here, we picked up signs of plenty of footprints between the two locations. It seemed that the door was possibly trapped, but that was pretty irrelevant since the lock had also been sealed with a lump of metal.

Though there was little we could do to get through (without causing a lot of noise), we’ve figured that our new dwarven friend Noreen might have a way of dissolving the metal. So now we just need to persuade her that exploring the sewers, and a bit of breaking and entering, is something that she would be interested in.

Samuel Penn