Trojan Reach Companies

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As part of the background for my Traveller campaigns, I’ve come up with a few companies which operate around the Trojan Reach and Reft sectors. The SVG files for the logos can be downloaded from GitLab. Several of the logos use a Vilani font, details of which can be found in the README.

My Vilani translations have come from a Vilani Dictionary I found online, and are probably only barely passable. I don’t think my players will notice though.

Ardassi Metals LIC

Originally created in 943 from the merger of several mining companies on Ardassi (Tobia Subsector / Trojan Reach / 2815), Ardassi Metals was able to greatly improve the efficiency of all the small companies by combining their resources and aggressively streamlining headcount.

Ardassi is a metal rich desert world, but has no industrial capacity of its own, so the company made its money by shipping the minimally processed ore off world, and for a while was known for its incredibly minimalist ore freighters, which were basically a jump drive and an unpressurised hull.

Since then Ardassi Metals has branched out into other domains, including bio-exploitation, terraforming and advanced refinery – for the latter it has refineries in multiple systems which have the industrial base to support them, for the former it is exploring the border worlds between Imperial and Aslan space.

Bu Dari Sernug

Bu Dari Sernug, aka Black Sky Industries, is a major starship construction firm based in Deneb, but with a presence at many class A starports across Deneb, the Spinward Marches and the Trojan Reach.

It was formed in 927 at Vincennes (Vincennes Subsector / Deneb / 1122), initially building cheap ships from generic unlicensed templates. They rapidly got a good reputation of being cheap but reliable, and started to work on their own designs until by 1000 they had left their ‘cheap’ reputation behind them.

Their tagline is “Engineering Beyond the Stars“, and is known for taking on the biggest, most impressive custom projects that it can. It has a good reputation of building high quality on time and on budget, constructing starships, space stations and asteroid based habitats.


A family run business, currently owned by the multi-trillionaire Galvin Madexi-Worf. It’s more a trademark for a range of different companies, most of which manage massive building projects or luxury cruise ships. Their holdings can be found throughout the Trojan Reach, normally at class A or B starports, in the form of hotels, clothing shops and high end restaurants. There is also a starship cruise line that is run by the firm, which often take people between the various ports that the company has a stake in.

The company dates back to the late 900s, and was formed from the marriage of a Solomani family and a businesswoman from New Colchis. They got lucky in buying up cheap property in Zeng subsector, initially centred around Yvette (Macon Subsector / Reft / 1103).

In 1034, the company HQ was moved to Mirage (Gazulin Subsector / Trojan Reach / 2909), where a massive hotel resort was built in the middle of the desert, and huge tax savings could be made.

Galvin Madexi-Worf took over the company after the death of his mother in 1096, and has been running it ever since. It has a reputation for style over substance, and promoting Vilani culture over all others. Recently it has started making deals with a number of Aslan companies in the Trojan Reach.

The actual wealth of the company, and its owners, is often a topic of debate, and tracing the money as it is shuffled between all the sub-companies has become a job for life for a number of tax and fraud inspectors.

Sag Mekilure

Based out of Tobia (Tobia Subsector/ Tobia / 3215), Witness to Truth as the company is known in Anglic, specialises in the investigation of insurance fraud. They get paid large sums of money to dig up dirt on those making large insurance claims, or sometimes to aid in civil lawsuits between other mega-corporations.

They generally hire outside contractors to do this work, and are known to be generous in the rewards if sufficient evidence is found (a typical job will pay out millions of credits to such contractors). They aren’t too concerned about the techniques used to gain the information, though officially operate entirely within the law. It’s said that they use external contractors to provide themselves with full deniability.

The firm was started in 1067 by a group of detectives who realised that large insurance companies were willing to pay out significantly larger sums than they were getting from their day jobs hunting down “normal” criminals. They have a number of branch offices in class A starports in Trojan Reach and the Spinward Marches.

Services de Formation Ecoris

This is a company based out of Joyeuse (Old Islands Subsector / Reft / 1729), and which is found across the Islands. There are even a couple of offices at Cerebin and Tobia.

It is known as Ecoris Training Services, and provides personal training in firearms, self defence and anti-kidnapping techniques. They are often hired by rich businessmen, successful film and pop stars, or sometimes just those with an advanced sense of paranoia. They are also known to run cut-down training sessions as “team building” exercises for large companies.

They are mostly found across the New Islands and Old Islands Subsectors in the Reft, but since 1101 have opened two new offices at Cerebin and Tobia where they are also offering physical penetration testing for clients.

Though it has never been proven, there is a rumour that the organisation has links to Joyeuse intelligence, and some even claim that it is little more than a front for this operation. Indeed, the sort of training that the company provides is very useful for spies and other secret agents, and provides them with an excuse for carrying stocks of electronic surveillance and anti-surveillance tools, as well as giving them access to a lot of important people.

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