Technicoloured Basilisk

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Last week in our Zweihänder game we rescued some women from slavery, and Eva found them somewhere to stay. There was shouting in the night that woke us but not enough for us to get out of bed to investigate. By morning Eva makes sure that the ex-slaves are suitably cared for whilst the others head off to investigate what had happened.

I spent much of the morning shopping for the women and tending to their wounds. They were still afraid and wanting to get out of the city, so I promised to take them somewhere safe once they were fit to travel. The best place would probably be Pigsville, who were friendly with us after we rescued some of their people from slavery. Not only are they likely to feel to owe us a favour, they’ll probably be sympathetic with other slaves.

In the meantime, Calthar and Djarin had gone off to find out what had caused the shouting last night. We guessed that the noise had come from the town house where Jarl Revna Svensgarde was staying, so I’m planning on heading that way to try and meet up with the two.

We were right at where the disturbance had come from. Apparently the Jarl’s assistant Gorm had been murdered right in front of her eyes. Someone had come in through the window, stabbed him in the chest with a dagger, then fled as she raised the alarm. Calthar is suspicious about the whole account, and seems to think that the Jarl may have killed him herself.

The event was being investigated by Lt Gruber, one of Captain Sarkas’ more competent officers. He hadn’t been able to find much though, and neither had we. The assailant had been masked and cloaked when he came in, so we had no description to go by.

After a couple of hours we gave up and headed to the brothel to try and take a look at the paperwork there. Apart from discovering that the brothel’s library was of incredibly high quality, containing many old, famous and rare texts, nothing exciting was found.

One thing we have agreed on though is to take the two women down to Pigsville tomorrow.

Djarin had gone to see Jarl Norisdötter to warn her about her concubine. Instead he discovered that her assistant Lief had been killed with an axe blow to the head. He had been in bed with the husband of some local woman, and they both had been killed without anyone noticing.

The wife was also nowhere to be found, so we decided to try and find her. What we found was evidence that she may have been dragged down into the sewers, so down we went.

We never found her, though we did find another basilisk. This one had skin that glowed in rainbow colours, which was pretty but also dangerous. Djarin slew it, but we found no sign of the wife’s body.

It seems like a bit of a coincidence that there have been three murders over the past couple of days, all people with attachments to the Jarls. The concubines and the Baron are probably behind it, but we don’t have any strong evidence of that. If we manage to get away from the city tomorrow then we may miss something important happening, but to be honest I’m looking for some fresh air and a healthy walk.

Next session.

Samuel Penn

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