Weiralai Again

We ended the previous session of our Strange Aeons campaign in between combats. We’d just healed up after fighting the Grave Knight, and then the insane follower of Hastur. Weiralai, turned up. We’d fought her before, and thought her dead, but it appears that this Denizen of Leng can’t be so easily killed. This was a second tough fight in a row, and one in which could easily have resulted in some character deaths if the GM had concentrated attacks.

Weiralai stepped into the room surrounded by a nimbus of darkness, and followed by her Moonbeast pet. Before we could do anything, she cast a Bone Shatter on Ray, almost killing him and leaving him exhausted, then charged across the room, striking at Sheena with her rapier.

Ray stepped back and cast a Dimension Door to get himself to a safe place, and Catiana tried to step between Weiralai and Sheena, but was unable to hit the denizen of Leng. Myself, I tried to use Bone Shaker on her, which got through her magical defences but not much more than that.

Player’s Notes: One bug we sometimes see in Roll20 is that it can get the position of tokens wrong. A token can appear in a different location for one player than it does for other players. When it’s “wrong” for the GM and everyone else is seeing it in a different location then it can lead to confusion and backtracking on where someone is and what has happened. This happened in this combat, with the GM seeing Sheena in a different location to everyone else. So whilst the GM thought the two were next to each other, we all thought that they were 10ft apart.

Sheena made a strike at Weiralai, running her through with her rapier and getting a spray of acidic blood in her face for her troubles. Things get worse for Sheena when Gregor shot the cultist full of arrows, and blood from them also sprayed over Sheena. Weiralai was almost dead – and then she healed herself whilst her Moonbeast ran up and tried to take on Catiana.

Sheena had to fall back as Weiralai concentrated her attacks on her. Bolts of acidic lightning from Ray did nothing to her, and my own magic also failed to do anything.

With Weiralai bringing several of us close to death, we finally got in some blows against her. Ray used a fireball, Catiana punched her and Gregor shot her until she finally dropped – but her body vanished, whisked away to safety.

Without Weiralai there to draw our attention, the Moonbeast didn’t last long.

Sheena was most interested in the rapier which had fallen, but soon realised that it was more suited to a cleric than a warrior.

After a brief rest and heal, we decided to try ‘one more room’, so followed the tunnel from which a draft was issuing.

This soon led us to a large cavern, which Sheena sneaked into. It looked empty – until a shadowy, amorphous serpentine blob with claws and a mouth full of teeth oozed out of the ceiling and went directly for her.

It was a huge beast, and tried to swallow us whole, but we managed to slay it without too much threat to ourselves. After Weiralai, everything seems simple.

The wind is still present here, seeming to come from a tunnel on the far side of the cavern.

Samuel Penn

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