That’s My Body

At the end of the last session of Strange Aeons we had levelled up, though I’d forgotten to level up the statistics for Costian and Catiana so I had to quickly do it just as the game was starting. Costian gained another level of Spiritualist, taking a Skill Unlock for Heal. It’s a feat I’ve been considering for a while. Mostly it’s simple and doesn’t require any looking through the long list of feats to find one which is of maximum usefulness. Most of my feats have been bonuses to saves, spell DCs and spell penetration.

We’d finished the welding of the floor using the lightning gun to seal the flying polyps into their chamber, and were now ready to finish off our exploration of the tunnels beneath the tower. As has become customary, Sheena scouted ahead with the rest of us following. However, she wasn’t quite as sneaky as she hoped, and ran into a humanoid sitting on the ground feasting on… something. It greeted her, and wanted to know who she was and what she was doing here.

The humanoid was a Leng Ghoul, and what it was feasting on was the remains of a Yith. The corpse was rotten and covered in fungus, but that didn’t seem to be bothering the ghoul.

There were several ghouls here, and they were happy to see us since a bunch of adventurers meant that there was probably now a pile of freshly dead bodies somewhere.

We asked them where they had got the Yith from, and they pointed to a number of stasis pods filled with rotten Yithian corpses. They were more than happy with this ‘larder’, and invited us to join them – something we declined. Erasmus though was able to create some wine which he shared with the ghouls.

Myself and Catiana took a look at the stasis pods, and managed to find one in which the Yith wasn’t entirely dead. It had a name on it written in some ancient tongue which I was able to decipher with magic.

Kaklathat, offspring of Astrogm

Kaklathat was the name of our ‘elven’ guide who was looking for its original Yithian body, so we made the assumption that this belonged to it. However, the body, though alive, wasn’t in great condition and was infected by the fungus of Xhamen Dhor. First though we had to confirm it was the right body, so with a bit of levitation we bid farewell to the ghouls, and lifted the stasis pod and took it back to the tower.

Kaklathat was overjoyed to see their body, confirming that it was theirs, but was somewhat downcast about the condition that it was in since by now it was clear that it wasn’t actually alive, but closer to a state of undeath. With little to lose, I tried a Break Enchantment on it, which broke the curse of Xhamen Dhor, but then the body died.

What we really needed was a resurrection, but not only were we lacking that spell, we were also lacking the rather expensive diamonds that this would require. Kaklathat had an idea though – it knew where the city’s treasury was, and there might be something there which could be used. It wasn’t willing to tell us where the treasury was though, and instead sent its companion Tezcatili to go find it. He transformed into a small tornado, and rapidly headed off.

On his return, he dropped three large silver discs, each the size of a small shield, at our feet. On there were written arcane inscriptions. These seemed to be ‘scrolls’, but of a rather less portable nature. He also provided us with another lightning gun, as well as some cartridges which could be used to recharge it.

Each of the ‘scrolls’ had some type of Wish spell on them, with which it was decided that we could use to resurrect Kaklathat. But since Kaklathat was still alive, that wouldn’t work. The best option was for Sheena to kill it, so we could then use resurrection to put it back into its original body.

Kaklathat agreed to this, and Sheena ran it through. As promised Erasmus cast a resurrection, bringing Kaklathat back to life in its original body, making it incredibly happy.

It is now time for us to rest before heading to find the third Star Stelae tomorrow. According to Hoshbagh, there are Luna Naga at the Oraculum where the last Stelae is located, so we will need to prepare to deal with them.

Samuel Penn

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