Wonders of a Solar System

The third instalment of my Wonders of a Solar System series for Traveller is now up on DrivethruRPG. Similar to Kuiper Belt Objects, it provides examples of interesting worlds that could be found in a solar system. As the title suggests, Hot Worlds concentrates on worlds close to their star – in this case Mercury-like rocky worlds.

Each entry is a short paragraph describing a world in broad detail, enough to give a GM ideas about what Travellers might be able to do there. None of the supplements are designed to be hard science, but they aren’t meant to be too fantastic either, so should fit in with most settings similar to the Traveller RPG.

There are published under the TAS community label, and are meant for use with Mongoose Traveller 2nd edition, though the number of game rules is quite light and they should work with any version of Traveller.

Further entries in the series may include Gaian Worlds, Arean Worlds and rogue planets.

Samuel Penn