Lords of Waterdeep

We’ve really got used to not having people round, so Saturday was only the second time this year that we decided to make an effort and invite some people around for lunch and board games. Our first game was something meaty but not too complicated – Lords of Waterdeep.

Lords of Waterdeep is one of our favourite games. It’s got just enough complexity to be interesting, but is also simple enough to learn – and more importantly to remember the rules for each time we play it. It took a couple of hours to play through, with the person who hadn’t played it before eventually winning.

Our clay meeples of Waterdeep

My last two turns were scuppered by being played a quest that required a set of adventurers that blocked me doing anything else. But it was still a good game, and one that most people seem to enjoy. The D&D theme to it is almost irrelevant, but can sometimes add an interesting vibe.

We rounded things off with a light game of Hedgehogs (we can never remember what the actual German translation of the game is), which has just the right level of random mayhem to be simple whilst remaining fun.

There was a general desire to start doing this more often again. Even before Covid, we had a monthly RPG session for a few years which made doing weekend things difficult to fit in. Now that’s finished, it may be possible to start up board gaming again more regularly.

Samuel Penn