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It’s been a while since we’ve had a Traveller session, so it’s time for an update. The Deepnight Revelation will be leaving the Near Side of Yonder sector shortly, so it’s time for another issue of the ship’s internal magazine/news report, Into the Deep, edited by Piotr Chiaramonte.

This is my way of keeping the players informed on what is happening aboard their ship. With a crew of several hundred, and often crossing many star systems in a single session, it can be difficult to keep track of what is going on.

I’ve also used the break to generate star systems for the sectors they’ll be going past, so the final part of the Great Rift is now fully mapped out. It takes about an hour or so to generate each full sector, using the stellar density map I drew out at the start of the campaign. The less well populated sectors can be generated in minutes.

Into the Deep

Piotr Chiaramonte

A month was spent repairing the Deepnight Revelation at Alikherrnz, with help from the new faction that seemed to now be dominating Alikai politics. To be honest, there wasn’t much that they could do except provide raw materials. Stopping at a basic starport helped, but it still wasn’t the same as doing a full refit at a high tech Imperium port.

Near Year 1112 was spent here, and a large party was had both aboard the ship and down on the planet. 

On 1112-016, the Deepnight set off for the system we’d named Omanid, then Abode and finally Esi on the border of the Near Side of Yonder sector. After that, it was into Offside.

We arrived at Styda/3227 in the Offside sector on 1112-063.

Navigation Report

Lt Commander Alash Ragiislu

We’ve mapped out the brighter stars across the Offside sector, and have a fair idea of which ones have Jovian worlds. Until now, we’ve kept mostly to the edge of the Great Rift, where system density is quite low. We plan to move deeper coreward for a while, where system density is greater. That should make it easier to find navigable routes.

We’ll head across to Kaalin Ulterior, maybe clip the corder of Kaalin Citerior, then into Diamond Scatter.  Pytheas and Sisyphys Citerior sectors seem to have greater stellar density.

Proposed route along the shore of the Rift

At some point we’ll need to head for the shore of the Great Rift again to look for a crossing point. The three sectors we looked at during mission planning are No Prospect, Best Prospect and Last Prospect.

The first few systems in the Offside sector will be:

  • Styda 3227
  • Natos 3027
  • Dana 3023
  • Osu 2722
  • Cunah 2422
  • Izyno Major 2120
  • Alpha Ano 1921
  • Ghitany 1520 (resupply at expected Tectonic / EuGaian world with 65% hydrosphere)

We expect to reach Ghitany around 1112-135. From here we can do another far scan and plot the next stage of the route.

Ship Status

Mikinn Galeka

The Deepnight’s jump drives have been running smoothly for the last month. The repairs that we did at Alikherrnz have paid off.


Shandra Vledden

Ashza has celebrated her first birthday, and we held a big party in the main dining room. The turn out was good, and my thanks go out to everyone who either helped our or provided birthday presents for her. I don’t think she really understood what was going on, but enjoyed getting the cake all over her face.

Cunah Photo Competition

A photo competition is being held for Cunah, a close binary star system which the Deepnight is due to pass through shortly. Fame and recognition is being offered to anyone who gets the best holophoto of the two stars.The primary is a G3 sub-giant, whilst the companion is a K4 dwarf which is thought to be losing atmosphere to the larger. It should be a spectacular display.


Iigem Duzimin

The Beakie alien taken from the world of Esara (Incognita Citeria/0718) is still doing well. It is about 15 months old, and capable of walking upright and we also believe that it is understanding speech. It cannot manage Galanglic, due to the structure of its mouth and vocal cords, but it’s ability to imitate humans is improving.

We have started work on a translator project to help teach it. Though we have translation patterns from its species, they are not good enough to teach someone the language, especially someone who is effectively a child.

Shandra and Miyek are spending a lot of their time with her, and it also seems to be getting on well with Ashza.

Samuel Penn

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