Salute 2023

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Salute was back at the Excel Centre in London this year, and we decided to pay a visit. It seemed to have fewer traders this year than pre-pandemic. This may be me mis-remembering what old Salutes used to be like, but some traders, such as GZG, definitely weren’t there. The space between the stands did seem to be larger, but the stands themselves were still crowded. Previous times have always had a squad or two of Stormtroopers on patrol, but this was lacking this year.

I didn’t pick up as much as I planned, but did get:

  • 7TV Pulp
  • Lion Rampant
  • Dragon Rampant
  • Xenos Rampant
  • Some undead cavalry
  • A couple more KR cases to carry my armies around in

I was hoping for some 6mm SciFi vehicles, but didn’t spot any. We were also thinking of picking up some extra Saga armies (for Age of Invasions), but failed in that mission as well. The advantage of a show is that it’s possible to actually see what you’re buying. The disadvantage (compared to online ordering) is that it’s sometimes hard to find what you want to buy.

I’m going to keep this simple, and just give a gallery of some of my photos.

Samuel Penn