The Warehouse

In our previous session, the Travellers were on the way to rescue Yip. She had been kidnapped by a Tenipal anti-government faction, and was being held in an old warehouse in an abandoned industrial park. The motive of the faction seemed to be to try and force a sharing of new technology with the Tenipal people.

The Sex Thing cleared away the anti-air defences without too much hassle, and landed close to the industrial building where the enemy were thought to be located. It was time to suit up in Battledress, and select some suitable weapons and set out on a rescue mission. They decided not to go with plasma jets and plasma weapons, but to stick with laser rifles for the assault. Partly they didn’t want to risk hitting Yip, and partly because they didn’t want to lay waste to everything.

Whilst Trennance and Dr Nekuma hacked into the comms for the kidnapper, Zanobia broadcast a call for them to surrender and give up their child. There was no response, and then shouts and yells started coming over the comms chatter, followed by an explosion.

Shooting with grenades and lasers

So Khadashi and Zanobia flew up to the roof of the building using their grav belts, and came in through the ceiling. Khadashi was wanting to play Ride of the Valkyries, but Zanobia broadcast a general “put down your weapons and surrender” message. One of the Tenipal fired three grenades at Khadashi. One sailed past, the other two hit and took out the rest of the ceiling. Neither penetrated his battledress though.

Khadashi fired back, and the Tenipal went down with a heavy wound. Zanobia continued to broadcast “please lay on the ground, we don’t want to hurt you” and shot another one.

Most of the Tenipal were beginning to favour finding cover over shooting, especially as the rest of the Sex Thing crew came in at ground level to provide some covering fire. One Tenipal stepped out, holding a really big rifle, and took at shot at Khadashi. It actually penetrated his armour and caused a wound, but not enough to take him down. This was the last attempt by the Tenipal to fight back, as the rifle bearer went down from laser fire.

There was the sound of more explosions from somewhere below, and Zanobia headed deeper into the warehouse to try and find Yip. She was encountered coming up some stairs, limping and dragging a bag of grenades behind her. “Ripley! I decide, I Newt” she said as she saw Zanobia.

Apparently the Tenipal had not expected a small blue bird-like creature to be capable of fighting back (she has a sharp beak), or capable of using grenades and explosives whilst hiding in the air ducts.

With the fight over, the government forces arrived. They’d been holding back, wanting to see what the Travellers were capable of. The crew checked on the wounded, and also grabbed a few of the battledress piercing Light Assault Guns which they had. The President gave his sincerest apologies for what had happened, and Zanobia was very diplomatic about the whole thing. Yip was awarded a medal for her extreme heroism.

On the whole, the session had gone well. It had partly been an exercise in seeing how some of the combat stuff worked in FoundryVTT, since I don’t often get a chance to use it. There were some issues – mostly caused by the fact that my network is having some problems at the moment so the FoundryVTT server was slow to respond in some cases.

I’m not quite sure which direction I’m taking Yip. She started as an egg that was introduced at random, and has turned out to be one of the more important of the NPCs, and seems to be quite fond of causing explosions and being quite conniving.

After everything had settled down, the Travellers got access to some of the Tenipal scientists, and discussed what the Erline were up to. The Tenipal were more than happy to give the Travellers all the access they wanted to the world of Sanpa. There was a possible crater there, and signs of a previous Erline colony, which the Erline themselves were wanting to investigate.

Samuel Penn

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