Loose Ends

Following on from the previous session, the Deepnight Revelation was still at Nisakhe. This was a relatively short session, mostly clearing up loose ends after the investigation of the pyramid.

The human embryos were taken back to the ship in their stasis flasks. They showed signs of having been genetically tampered with, but until they developed more fully it would be difficult to know how or why they’d been tampered with. They were from 300,000 year old humans though.

The snail shell was alien in nature, and didn’t seem to be related to anything in the ship’s database – Droyne, human, or otherwise.

The physicists were able to take a sample of anti-matter from the reactor, ‘safely’ contained within a containment flask. There was a big discussion about whether to take it up aboard the ship. The physicists on the science team were keen on taking it, but others were concerned that something could go wrong. In the end the ship’s Captain was convinced to allow it on board.

Finally, the guns. In the end it was determined that they could only be controlled by a Psion. Alfred (the ship’s Vargr telepath) took a look. Only one was still functional. Telepathically controlling it, it provided a sight out to 1km (through walls and other obstacles), and when fired created a considerable explosion, leaving behind a radioactive cloud of dust in a 10m radius area. Not very subtle, but it’s use as a scanner alone would be useful.

More of the crew went down to the planet for R&R, and supplies were taken on board. The locals were happy to mingle intimately with the tourists, especially when provided with chocolate. Zanobia had further discussions with the Priestesses, finding out that those that had memories of the Droyne died young – sometime around 30. Their minds were destroyed by the unfolding memories.

One of the young priestesses, the nine year old Talliena was interested in leaving with the Deepnight crew.

After that, it was time to plan for the journey ahead. The route across Crossing sector seemed relatively straightforward, and then they would reach the Trailing side of the Great Rift. After this, stellar density increased dramatically, providing a lot more choices in which route to take.

There were signs of at least two high tech (TL 7+) civilisations in the next sector, so visiting them to find out what they knew about this side of the Rift would be interesting.

I was expecting things to go a bit further this session, thinking that we would return to travelling across the sector. That we didn’t get that far isn’t an issue since it gives me a bit more time to think about whether to throw in anything special before we finish this part of the campaign. I think this system has been pretty intensive in terms of finding things out and getting ‘goodies’ for use later on, so I think it’s time to have a bit of a quiet break for the rest of this sector. That doesn’t mean that random events won’t occur, but I’m not planning anything big until the ship has finished the crossing of the Rift.

Samuel Penn