Demons, Devils and Star Stelae

After the fight last session we obtained the sword that belonged to Upianshe, so just needed to find the Star Stelae that was said to be in the Snarl down by the shore of the poisoned lake. Fortunately we probably managed to avoid one fight which left us with two more. Many of the things that we are encountering fall into the holes of Costian’s offensive magic. He is good against spirits, and good against things with skeletons, but shambling mounds and insects fall into neither category so he’s been feeling a bit of a fifth wheel sometimes. Our GM played both Eshimal and the Saffron Prince well with their mannerisms and speech.

To the north we could hear the sound of screams and unearthly noises, which didn’t sound at all attractive. However, we were here to find the Star Stelae, and it was most likely to be in that direction. In the other direction was the Heresy Devil Eshimal, who I didn’t really want to meet, but Ray seemed keen to head there since we knew it was a dead end.

So we ignored the noises to the north and headed back tot he flickering, prismatic wall which protected the fat demon on his floating iron through.

Good morning dear PeoPle, how may I helP you? You look confused and out of Place.

— Eshimal

Eshimal would spit bubbles of slime whenever he pronounced a ‘P’, and these dribbled down onto his expansive stomach. He seemed keen to do a deal, one which would involve us committing heresies in return for information. He wanted to speak to our ‘Patron’ again, in order to have a read of that book.

Once again Gregor’s full sized painting of Lowls was useful to confirm who he meant by this, but we weren’t interested in making a deal, so we turned and left him alone.

Ray scouted along the passage between ruined buildings to the north, and then came running back shouting something about seaweed. This caused a long discussion which allowed a shambling pile of marine flora to amble around the corner and into the back of Ray. From it came a sweet, cloying scent, which seemed to affect Sheena and Catiana making them long for something unattainable. They both blindly stumbled towards the mound, but Gregor yelled at them to stop, cowing them into sensibility.

Ray fled back from the thing, then threw a carefully shaped fireball at it which burned it but somehow avoided Sheena and Catiana. It manages to grab Catiana, but then Gregor filled it full of arrows and it collapsed into a pile – just in time for a second to shamble into view. Between us, we managed to slay that one as well.

Finally there was a Chuul, an undead lobster like creature, but it too fell to spells, swords and fists.

Heading around the ruined buildings there was a narrow shoreline. The rock pools were filled with poisoned water and covered with slippery sea weed, and the water stretched out into the distance. Sheena went down to the water’s edge, jumping onto the rocks and noticed the water around her start to swell up towards her, so she quickly retreated back onto dry land.

On the shore was the Star Stelae, but before we could investigate it Ray decided to head off down a passage at the far end of the beach. There was the sound of talking, and then he came running back as the sound of summoning spells could be heard from behind him. I lay down a region of Etheric Shards to block the way, but a humanoid in saffron robes came flying over the shards towards us.

I don’t like it when things run off from me, I prefer when they stay and scream.

— The Saffron Prince

From behind him comes the sound of feminine voices, and we catch glimpses of unclad winged females. They seem more keen on shouting encouragement and crude insults rather than actually helping the Prince though, which we could hardly complain about.

The Prince mostly keeps above the ground where he is difficult to reach and tries mind control against us, but Erasmus telekinetically grabs him and throws him to the ground, dragging him through the etheric shards and cutting his flesh to ribbons. I tried to possess him (what was I thinking?) but he resists and as Erasmus drags him through the shards again Ray finishes him off with a ball of acid. The two succubi decide to leave at this point to try and find fun elsewhere.

There is not much left of the Prince, but he has a yellow robe embroidered with silver stars and showing evidence of powerful magic. However, it reminds me of something I read in Lowl’s notes.

As Carcosa appears in the night sky, its yellow light washes over Hastur’s cultists and sometimes transforms their fine apparel into ritual vestments. These the cursed robes inevitably drive the chosen priests mad with power.

— From Lowl’s notes

I recommend that we burn the robes rather than use or sell them. They can only lead to disaster.

Samuel Penn