Down the Hole

After the fights from last session we headed back to camp to rest up and come up with a plan. We have one last Stelae to attune to, and then we need to cast the ritual. Apparently we only have Lowls’ notes on the ritual, not the ritual itself (which is in the Necronomicon, which we’ve got rid of). I thought we had the full ritual, so there was some misunderstanding there.

The session ended with a big discussion on how the surprise spells ability works for Arcane Tricksters. It’s an issue we seem to fall into a lot with Pathfinder – having to spend time arguing over interpretation of rules.

Getting back to our camp at the tower we spoke to Kaklathat and Tecatili, who told us that there had been activity down the well – possibly linked with what we’d been doing with the ritual at the Stelae.

After a bit of rest we headed back to see the Otyugh Hoshbagh since Erasmus was wanting to pick up a new item. She was pleased to see us, and was also happy to swap the ring that Erasmus wanted for the cursed robe that we’d picked up. She had a way the unravel the magic in it by consuming it, which should destroy the curse.

She was a bit disappointed by the lack of books we had brought back, but we weren’t going to go back and try to pick another fight with the devil. She did warn us though that there were naga in the Oraculum where the last Star Stelae was located.

That night we were woken by shouts from Ray as two Flying Polyps flew up from the well. One of them tore into the tent where most of us were sleeping, seeming to go for Tezcatilli and Kaklathat rather than the rest of us. Ray and Gregor manage to rain death upon them with fire and arrows, whilst I throw up another etheric shards over the top of the well.

After both have been killed, a third rushes up, cutting itself on the shards before Erasmus is able to put it to sleep – so it falls back down through the shards leaving a bloody mess at the bottom of the well. Better to be safe than sorry, I use my last spell to completely fill the well with shards.

Toilday 19th Gozran

We wake the following morning without further complications. Tezcatili thinks that the Polyps are coming for it, being able to sense that it is a member of the great race of Yith. As we attune to the Stelae, the wards that have kept them imprisoned are being weakened. Attuning the final stelae could be dangerous, so after some discussion it is decided that we need to investigate where the Polyps are coming from first.

Personally, I had wanted to avoid doing this, but we can’t risk being overwhelmed by Polyps before we have time to complete the final ritual.

So we decided to head down the well, where there is a large cavern with a couple of two headed skeletal Tyrannosaur golems. Since we can all fly, we stay well out of their reach and hurls arrows and carefully selected spells down at them until they are dead. Even Sheena hung back rather than getting into melee. Nobody wants to melee a Tyrannosaur, let alone one with two heads.

Samuel Penn

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