Introduction to WorldGen

So this is a bit of an experiment, an attempt to give a video overview of WorldGen, to show the type of information that it can provide once star systems have been generated. I don’t have much experience with making videos, so it’s pretty rough, but it probably gives a better idea than some static pictures.

This is a very brief overview of using WorldGen to view star system maps generated from Traveller UWP data. As can be seen from the video, I haven’t put too much effort into making it pretty, I’ve mostly concentrated on getting the basic functionality working. As stated in the video, the roots of WorldGen go back about 20 years, but development has been very sporadic, with years often passing without any changes, and it’s been rewritten almost from scratch several times in that period.

Some links below provide some more information on some of the features mentioned in the video.

If there is interest, then I might try to make some more videos, going into a bit more depth on different subjects, including how it works.

Samuel Penn