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As well as working on my physics-tools plugin for Foundry (which now has i18n support), I decided to see if I could get an integration working between Foundry and Traveller Map. The idea was to be able to display UWP data within Foundry from a simple chat command.

For example, typing:

/uwp tobia

would find the world of Tobia, and print out some information about it. It turned out to be not too difficult to both grab the data and display it, and also to display the local jump map. Embedding a map and popping up in a new window is real easy in Foundry, and even has the option to share with the players.

What if there are multiple worlds called Tobia? In this case, a list of worlds will be output, and the user can select between them. If you want less verbose output, then the inline jump map can be hidden, though you can still click on one of the J-X labels to view the pop-out version.

I’m also playing with the idea of being able to create a Journal entry for a world with a single click. It will create a Journal folder for the sector name, and copy in the UWP data for that world. In my Roll20 game, I was always creating handouts manually for worlds, so this seems like it could be a useful feature – at least for me. However, this isn’t yet working (due to some oddness in handling creation of folders).

The original implementation supported specifying a four letter sector name, and an XXYY coordinate, like this:

/uwp troj 3215

I added the search feature as a secondary option, but I think it’s probably more useful in most circumstances.


The project page can be found here:

Installation consists of going to Add-on Modules on your Foundry setup page, and clicking ‘Install Module’. Then copy the following manifest URL for the module into the field at the bottom:

This will install the module, and then you can enable it within your World.

There are configuration options to control:

  • Whether data is whispered to the user, or displayed to everyone.
  • The maximum number of worlds returned in a list.
  • How big the inline map is, and whether to display it at all (it does take up a lot of space in the chat).

Traveller Physics Updates

My other tool, also for use with Traveller but possibly useful for other SciFi campaigns, is the Traveller Physics Tool. Mentioned elsewhere, it now (version 0.2.7) has been tidied up and has i18n support (though no localisations beyond English) and a lot more units added.

It is designed to support the following types of chat commands:
/phy planet 7645km 5.5
/phy thrust 2g 2au

These commands will output information on a planet (such as surface gravity and mass), and also tell you how long it will take to travel 2au with an acceleration of 2g.

Units can be specified in ‘natural units’, such as Earths, Jupiters or Sols. For example, to find how long it takes to travel to the 100 diameter limit from a Mars-like world with a 4g drive:
/phy thrust 4g 200mars

By default, units are in radii, not diameters. There is now also a configurable to change the default units to diameters.

The project page for this is here:

The manifest file for installing it is here:

If you find them useful, or have feedback, I’d be happy to here about it. They are still in beta. Once I have reasonable confidence that other people have successfully installed and used them, I’ll look at getting them put into the official repositories.

Samuel Penn

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